Iraq Veteran Speaks Out On War Crimes

EDIT: Have no fear, the video was a lie.

Still want to see the video? The Google Video link is here. It is very sad and moving. I’m so glad it’s a bunch of lies, because if this was true, the whole Muslim world would be protesting.

Plase see this comment.

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  1. Sorry but you didn’t do your homework on this one. Please, when you read the following proof, take this repulsive bunch of lies down.

    This man is an imposter. He has never been in any branch of US military. He did this for publicity. I can give you any number of links to disprove what he is saying and who he is. Common Sense Wonder is just one site, Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Blackfive, plus news accounts. Here is just one:

    But it all looks to be false. None of it could have happened if, as Army spokesman Paul Boyce confirmed to Michelle Malkin, there is no record of the young man’s service. Credit goes to Mrs. Malkin and blogger cohorts at, who first grew suspicious hearing among other unlikelihoods that “MacBeth” claimed to have retired from both the Army Rangers and special operations by the age of 20. Mrs. Malkin queried Mr. Boyce, who responded that “At a minimum this story appears to have been concocted” and was probably “some sort of hoax.”
    In some respects the outing doesn’t matter, since the damage is already done. The claims are all over the Internet — presumably all over the Middle East, too — of willfully ordered atrocities. Leftist groups like Iraq Veterans Against the War are distancing themselves from the fiasco. (Out, damned blog, I say!) But the claims are already out there.
    This is not the first time a phony soldier has been exposed. Just two years ago columnist Richard Leiby caught Micah Wright, author of the antiwar “You Back the Attack! We’ll Bomb Who We Want!,” as a phony veteran.


    Even his sister told the media he is a fake:

    Last but not least, Washington Times:

  2. That’s so horrible. May Allah give patience to the iraqis and give the occupiers what they deserve. ameen ameen. 🙁

  3. Debbie, you have proofs, but the last one, which would be the most authentic is a dead link (the washington times one), all the rest are just blogs, no official sites.

    I’ll keep it up, and add a link to your comment.

  4. Sorry, the Washington Times link had an ‘l’ on the end and that was incorrect. Here is the correct link;

    I get get others if you want them.

    Why any American would do something like this is beyond me.

    Do terrible things happen by the military? Yes, they do. Not often, thank goodness. But when they do happen, America investigates, and when found guilty we punish to the full extent of the law. That is how it should be done.

    In the case of Haditha, Iraq, the investigation is still ongoing. The military cannot talk about it until NCIS and other investigations are completed, that is the law.

    If those marines are guilty of so much as harming one hair on an innocent human being, then they should be punished.

    I just wish people would wait for the investigation to be completed before they start talking bad and assuming the worst.

    Thank you for removing the video my friend.

  5. Man. I can’t believe I nearly cried over that. Um, but just so it’s clear, The American army are only destructing Iraq. The whole war started because of Non-existent WMDs, and the “liberation” of Iraq has cost many civilians their lives.
    The country is more unstable than I ever remember it to be under Saddam. Due to this instability, “Islamist” groups, or so theyre called, although their strategies are anything BUT islamic, started cropping up.

    Liberation of America, or Saddam’s regime? Both are as evil as each other, so please, just because this video was a Lie, does not mean the good ole’ USA is a friend and wishes the best for Iraq. Wishes to take the best from Iraq [ie. Oil] is more accurate.

  6. Wow, that guy is sure gonna be in deep. It did sound a bit much to be true. (200 killed by his own hands?)

  7. Yes the investigations should go forwad, but sayig they don’t happen often is a bit of a big assumption to make, war usually messes people up, my neighbors are veterans of WWII, and thats as close as the West has ever gotten to saying they were waging a justified war and it was actually close to what they were saying. In terms of punishing people in the military…I hate to be a pessimist but I don’t expect much, all I can think of is…the My Lai Massacre and the aftermath with those who guilty. ًوالله اعلم (And Allah knows best)

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