Woman Marries a Snake


A woman who fell in love with a snake has married the reptile at a traditional Hindu wedding celebrated by 2,000 guests in India’s Orissa state, reports said.

Full article here: Charmed woman marries cobra in India

HAHAHAHAHAH. That is really sad and stupid. This should be a Bollywood movie. ahahahahaha. Shah Rukh Khan should fall in love with a donkey and then Aamir Khan should get jealous and steal the donkey from Shah Rukh Khan. (If some crazy Bollywood movie producer actually does this, please give me credit for this idea.)

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  1. I think I was too blind to see the code, typical me, thanks again! 😀 Anyway crazy article, alhamdulillah she was lucky and did not fall in love with a porcupine or something like that.

  2. This isn’t surprising to me… One or two years ago I read about a 8-year old Hindu girl who got married to a dog. 🙂

  3. That’s just…sad.

    In the 80’s there was an Indian movie called Nagina, which starred Sridevi. She played a shape-shifter who could turn into a snake.

  4. Holy crap! There was a movie like that!? I was afraid to ask if that memory was real or I was just a wierd kid. I remember when I was 5 and I saw a movie like that, freaked the hell out of me for sooo long. I think I still remember the main music theme from it. Was there a hindu priest or something played by that guy who usually plays villians in that movie, the guy from Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom I think it was. Eeek, you just brought back a wierd memory.

  5. seems to be a new trend. not too long ago a british woman married a dolphin in israel. claims they were in love. fact #576 in ‘how you know the world is coming to an end’.

  6. hindu lady marries snake. not so weird if your religion is weird. everyone country got weirdos. or what society tells you is weird.

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