World Cup 2006 Predictions

Here are my predictions for each group for the first round of the World Cup:

Group A Group B
Poland England | 1st Place
Germany | 1st Place Paraguay
Costa Rica TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO (MR PICK!) | 2nd Place
Ecuador | 2nd Place Sweden
Group C Group D
Argentina | 2nd Place Mexico | 1st Place
Cote d’Ivorie (Ivory Coast) Iran
Serbia and Montenegro Angola
Netherlands | 1st Place Portugal | 2nd Place
Group E Group F
Italy | 1st Place BRASIL (MR PICK!) | 1st Place
Ghana Croatia
USA Australia
Czech Republic | 2nd Place Japan | 2nd Place
Group G Group H
France | 1st Place Spain | 1st Place
Switzerland Ukraine
Korea Republic | 2nd Place Tunisia
Togo Saudi Arabia | 2nd Place

Here are my predictions for stage 2, including the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the finals:

MR's 2006 World Cup Predictions

No I am not a front runner, I have been a Brasil fan since I started to watch the World Cup back in 1994. Plus, I’m Guyanese, and the nearest country to us that participates in the World Cups is Brasil. I’m also a Trinidad & Tobago since it is there first time in football history to participate in the World Cup.

Go Brasil!! Go Soca Warriors (nickname of the T&T football team) !!

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31 Replies to “World Cup 2006 Predictions”

  1. Noo. Goo England 😀 😀

    I went to a conference just the other day where 1200 people were in attendance, and the host made a duaa that england would win. and told all those there to make duaa too. hah.

    So God willing, England will bring the cup home :D.

    If not, I guess brazil will do. :rolleyes:

  2. I don’t know if Brazil is going to pull it off this year. I have this strange feeling that they’re not going to do as well as we predicted.

  3. Snap, I need to make one of those, did you do that all manually? Brazil has Ronaldhino, he’s the coolest ball handler I’ve seen, as well as Denilison, he was like 19 when he was in the 98 or 02 cup and he was amazing, but I don’t know I have to make my own brackets!

  4. Asslamualaikum, some interesting stuff there. I figured you added T&T as underdogs, an allowed Saudi to go through becuase of the ‘Muslim’ connection, but after their 8-0 thrashing by Germany last year, I dont think they will go ahead.

    I dont think Brazil will win it either, for me after England I think favourites are Argentina (although I hate them!!) and Holland, Le Oranje as the underdogs!!

    Mexico couldnt beat Argentina a while back, and Agentina back up is very solid as well, with players like Riquelme and Tevez to start as well.

    But it is interesting to see whay you think!

    England all the way!

  5. There is always that one team every year that comes out of nowhere. Last year it was Senegal.

    Maybe it could be the Sauds? Maybe the Buss-up shots? Maybe both?

  6. I’m no sports fan, maybe American football occasionally, but where is the USA in all this? Do they suck so bad that they don’t even make a decent showing?

  7. USA have a high FIFA ranking, they are underestimated becuase of their poor hosts in 94, but im sure they can take some points, doubt they will qualify though

  8. Check out my predictions on my site. Yea I knocked out US unfortunately, they’re much better than they used to be, and I upset the Czech and the US for Ghana!

  9. sham on June 7, 2006 at 5:10 am said:

    england to win!! compleeeetely off the topic…duz ny1 no wot reggada means?????!!!

    Doesn’t it mean “hit it” like the spanish word “dale” or the punjabi word “balle”.

    I don’t think there is an exact translation of this word. You probably got it from Outlandish newest album…

  10. i think England is a pretty strong team…not compared to Germany, but it may play Brazil instead of Mexico…but i like the whole prediction…lets see how this goes!!

  11. although, i’ve always liked brazil, i’m gonna enjoy the czech republic and germany in the finals–with possibly the czech republic on top 🙂

    sorry, but brazil’s starters aren’t doin their jobs!!

  12. i have watched matches upto pre quarter, according to my opinion chances to reach semi finals is either, england, argentina,brasil, germany or italy. and its my prediction this year england is going to beat brasil by 1-0 margin in semi final and , final will be argentina/germany- england—- and 2006 fifa world cup goes to ENGLAND— beckham’s ENGLAND

    SAMEER- INDIA- 00-91-9892558058

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