Israel Attacks Palestinian Civilians on Gaza Strip Beach

A good brother of mine linked me to this, US Backs Israel’s right to kill children. I read it, saw the links, then I saw someone posted another link to some video and pictures. WARNING: the video and pictures are gruesome and may not be sutiable for weak stomachs.

Now you know why Hamas is a little upset and shooting rockets back at Israel.

May Allah (swt) deliver justice and protect the innocent Muslims from an oppressing nation of Israel. Ameen.

From the Jerusalem Post: US: Israel has the right to defend itself
Video and Pictures here: Israeli artillery kills seven members of a Palestinian family.

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  1. It is terrible when any innocents get killed. I did hear one report that it was an Israeli rocket that went haywire. Then I heard that it was actually a Hamas rocket that went haywire. So I don’t know who is to blame. There is an investigation. Very sad for the family.

    The other tragedy is that now Hamas has called off the cease-fire and everybody is firing rockets at each other. It’s just terrible.

  2. Results of investigation should be out soon, but preliminary report says:

    The IDF investigation quickly ruled out the possibility of air or naval attack, and concentrated only on the option that artillery fire had been responsible. The following findings were then found over the course of the ensuing days:
    * The characteristic hole, or “crater,” that would have been made by an artillery shell was not found on the scene.

    * The timing was off: PA sources claimed the explosion occurred at approximately 16:40 Friday afternoon. However, IDF artillery stopped firing in the vicinity at 16:51, and throughout that time and until at least 16:58, no unusual activity was noticed on the beach.

    * Two or three of the wounded were treated in an Israeli hospital, and the shrapnel that wounded at least one of them was not of the type used in Israeli ammunition.

    Probably most significantly of all, Israeli intelligence shows that Hamas had placed explosives and mines on the beach against Israeli naval commandos who might try to ambush terrorists using the beach to fire Kassam rockets. It was likely a Hamas-placed bomb of this type that killed the Arab family.

    Yes I know this is reported in Israeli news, but I don’t think that Hamas, Fatah or the PA have a news agency.

    More to come…

  3. I’m sorry, I have no trust whatsoever for Israeli Sources, I have 40 years of lying and enough Isreali & American Jewish Intellectuals on my side. The logic that Hamas would do it befuddles me, they already have enough their own dying, killing their own for political reasons is absurd. And Hamas, although America & Israel would like us to believe otherwise, is neither a fringe group nor is it terrorist organization. Thei methods of attack are controversial at times, but they are supported by a great deal of people (as elections show) and they do a great deal of humanitarian work, and their military aggresion is not solely through Suicide bombing.

  4. Human Rights Watch says its consistent with an artillery shell hitting the beach. The Israeli military says it was not. Both sides have made their claim.

    Who to trust?

  5. Assalamu alaikum dear brother,

    Im a Spanish muslima, so pardon me for my bad english.
    First Jazaka Allahu khairan for your page Masha Allah, is not the first time I pass by.
    Second, I allways take anasheed links from your page, but now I saw is nos possible, cause I put it links in my space but doesnt work. Can you explain me why brother.
    Baraka Allahu fik

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