World Cup Recap – June 9 to June 11

World Cup 2006 Final Scores - June 9 to June 11What a weekend of games! The 2006 World Cup started out with a high scoring match between Germany and Costa Rica. Costa Rica put up a good fight for the Germans, but Germany’s offense defeated them in the end. After that, a stunning peformance by Ecaudor’s team upsetting Poland’s hope for a supposedly easy win. I was so happy that Poland lost. This even emphasizes my previous post, Why Poland won’t win the World Cup.

England was horrible playing against Paraguay. They didn’t even score. The only goal they had was Paraguay’s own goal off of Gammara. Don’t tell me that it was going to be a goal even if Gammara didn’t touch it, but anyway England still won and gained the 3 points (unfortunately).

Trinidad and Tobago aka the “Soca Warriors” stunned Sweden and the entire world with there amazing goal keeper, Shaka Hislop! The Swedish fans were crying after this match, while the Trini people were going crazy like it was Caribbana in Germany. Go Soca Warriors!

Ivory Coast played well against Argentina, even though they were down 2 – 0, they managed to score 1 goal trying to keep there hopes alive, but in the end Argentina came out on top. If Ivory Coast gave Argentina problems, then they can easily be tough opponents for the Netherlands and Serbia & Montengro.

Speaking about those countries, they had their first match against each other, with the Netherlands being victorious with only 1 goal. The game was heavily challenged by Serbia & Montengro, but the Netherlands defense kept them scoreless.

Mexico owned Iran! I was so happy. I was going for Mexico all the way. Iran was horrible in the 2nd half when Mexico scored 2 goals within 5 minutes. Mexico is definetly going to make it to the semi-finals as my predictions say.

Angola gave up a good fight for Portugal, but Portugal won. I didn’t watch this game, so I don’t have much details.

Upcoming games to look out for: Monday you have Czech against the USA. I hope the US loses. TUESDAY – BRASIL’S FIRST GAME and that’s all you need to know!

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  1. Im Hoping the Czech do better than I predicted, either way I predicted the US to get knocked out. The Mexico Iran game, wow, mad funny ending, what was the goalie doing at the end, he looked mad confused. Can’t wait to see Ronaldhino and the rest in action, I don’t know how much of the team is still there, it looks like there is alot of new players. I hope Denilson is on there still, and Bebeto I guess is too old now, he was mad cool.

  2. T&T’s goalie was Shaka Hislop, Kelvyn Jack had a last minute injury. That match was the most thrilling 0-0 draw I’ve ever seen! I actually hope the US does well… I don’t think they will, but it’s nice to see the CONCACAF teams do well.

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