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World Cup Recap – June 12 to June 15

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  • Date: Jun 15,2006 | 05:42 PM

finalscores - june 12 - 15.jpgAnother amazing set of matches occurred during the last three days. In Group E, Italy easily surpassed Ghana with a 2 – 0 win.

USA got raped, slaughtered, destroyed, embarassed, etc. by Czech Republic. Honestly, the USA team is really pathetic and shouldn’t even be part of the World Cup.

Japan had a 1 – 0 lead over Australia for 84 minutes of the game. Surprisingly Australia scored 3 goals within 7 minutes left (one of them was 90′ + stoppage time). The Japanese players and fans were devasted with this blow. They lasted for 90% of the game, until the last couple of minutes.

Brasil did not play good at all. Ronaldo was lazy and didn’t play like the super star he is. Ronaldinho did not score a goal, but had a few amazing ball handling skills. He took 3 of croatia’s men and burnt them all. Brasil still won 1 – 0 with Kaka scoring the only goal.

France shocked it’s fans and country by drawing in its first game against Switzerland. I didn’t watch this game.

Korea is really good, but Togo was almost as good. Togo’s goalkeeper saved many shots. The game was tied at 1 – 1 at the half until in the end Korea came up on top with a last goal in the 72 minute.

Spain basically owned Ukraine similar to what Czech did to the USA.

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia played the best game so far in the World Cup. I missed the ending of the game, because of class, but my friends saw it and everyone else that saw it all said it was the most amazing game so far. Tunisia was up at the half 1 – 0, but then Saudi scored and tied it at the 57th minute. Saudi then scored again at the 84th minute. Everyone thought Saudi won the match, even at the 90th minute. My friend even texted me and said “SAUDI WON!!”, but in the 92nd minute (stoppage time) Tunisia scored again to put the game at a draw! My friend texts me again and says “NO!! Tunisia scores in stoppage time!”. If you check out the videos of the goal, it was amazing!

Group A started their 2nd matches yesterday with Germany and Poland. Germany struggled with Poland until they scored an amazing goal at the 91st minute (stoppage time). The Polish team and their fans were as devasted as the Japanese fans when Japan lost to Australia. This was also a really good game. Germany moves on to the 2nd stage, no matter what.

Ecuador beats Costa Rica to also move on to the 2nd stage along with Germany with 6 points. Costa Rica and Poland are eliminated.

Paraguay and Sweden had an amazing game. It was really close between them. Sweden struggled all game just to score. They finally scored at the 88th minute. This loss for Paraguay eliminates them from moving on to the 2nd stage.

Trinidad & Tobago fought the English team very hard, but lost to 2 goals – one in the 83rd minute and one in the 91st (stoppage time). T & T still have a chance, if they beat Paraguay and if Sweden loses to England.

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