10 Replies to “UmmahFilms: $25,000 Muslim Weddings!!!”

  1. dude is soooooooooo funnyy…..but then again i had recently attended a wedding, and EVERYTHING he had talked about was present at the wedding…serious stuff mannnnnn

  2. We wear suits in Florida too. I never really understood why. I guess some guy got off a boat and said “hey guys, it’s hot and humid. Let’s wear suits.” I found a solution to that problem thoug: thobe+jubba.

  3. salamu alaikum

    man im havin som seriuos problems tryin to convince my parents to “hook it up” with a wife… they made fun of me

    im only 19… but even prophet Yusuf made du’aa and said “oh god, if you do not take away their conspiracies i will abide to them and be from among those who astrayed”

    may alla help all the brothers

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