World Cup Recap – June 20 to June 23

finalscores - june 20 - 23.jpgroundof16.jpgToday wrapped up the 1st stage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. In group A, Germany and Poland move on. Germany easily defeated Ecuador 3 – 0. Poland struggled a little bit with Costa Rica but eventually came up on top 2 – 1.

Trinidad and Tobago! What a year for them. First time ever in the World Cup and drawing with Sweden. They still earned 1 point and did an amazing job playing all 3 games. Sadly they lost to Paraguay 2 – 0. Paraguay is also out. England and Sweden both move on. They played each other and tied 2 – 2.

Everyone thought Argentina was really good until they drawed with the Netherlands. Maybe they didn’t try that hard since they knew they were moving on and same the Netherlands. An outstanding peformance by the Ivory Coast against Serbia and Montengro. Ivory Coast scored 3 goals, 2 of which were penalty shots and earned 3 points winning 3 – 2. Both, the Ivory Coast and Serbia and Montengro were knocked out.

Portugal won group D after defeating Mexico 2 – 1. It was a heavily contested game in the first half with the all goals being scored then. Iran tied with Angola, but both teams are not moving on.

In group E or the “group of death” Ghana shocked the entire world defeating the USA and moving on to the next round. Ghana is the only African nation out of the 5 of them to move on to the next round. Mad props to Ghana! The US team needs to play some tougher teams in order for them to move on. They also need younger players. Italy won group E defeating the Czech Republic 2 – 0. Italy and Ghana move on from that group.

Brasil won group F, with an amazing game against Japan 4 – 1. Ronaldo had 2 goals which made him tie with the most goals ever by anyone in the World Cup. Brasil was doing so well that they subbed out Ronaldinho! Haha! Australia tied with Croatia, allowing Australia to move on with Brasil from that group.

Of group G, France had to win against Togo to move on, and they did 2 – 0. Switzerland defeated Korea also allowing them to move on. It’s a good thing France one, because if they lost, that would have been it for Zidane.

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia both lost and are not moving on. Spain and Ukraine took care of them 1 – 0 fo reach game and moved on to the next round. Man! Tunisia had a chance. Even Saudi did too! Oh well!

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  1. Brazil V Japan, was one fun match to watch … lol

    you wouldnt think the japanese ruled the 1st half tho !

    Still waiting to see better from Brazil tho.


  2. yeah! BRAZIL all the way! seems like Ronaldo’s back and i think we’re gonna see them play better from now on.
    imagine, how cool it’d be if they win World Cup-again! 🙂

  3. whooooooooooooo cares about the football…

    it’s just a silly game for silly people

    and i stand by this statement as i am yet to see one non-silly person that is into the game

  4. I might have to agree with anon. I am into the game, and I am quite silly. Argentina Nederlands game was a tie for two reasons. Both team sat out 6 of their starting players who had yellow cards so they wouldn’t get eliminated. It was a game between benchwarmers and they still played even. Also, saying Argentina is bad because they tied Netherlands is not saying anything, instead its saying Nederlands is good, which is why I’ve selected them to go so far. I guess I’ll have to redraw my brackets for the round of 16…though I almost had it perfect! All I needed was S. Korea and Saudi to advance…errr.

  5. I’m Afghan…I root anti England everytime they play…unless they’re playing Russians…then we just don’t watch and hope both lose somehow.

  6. Germany is gonna take the World Cup 2006!!! They’re really awesome this yeat. I think it’s gonna come down to Germany and Brazil, or Argentina. I hope England gets knocked out of the Round of 16!!!! Beckham is overrated and I want Ecuador to advance.

  7. Ugghhh…. England won the game against Ecuador…..this sucks..I really don’t like David Beckham!!

  8. I keep forgetting to enter the code, all my essay i typed has gone 🙁 So you can read the one on my space 😛

    Looking forward to spain v france and portugal n holland!

  9. No words can describe how angry I am at Beckham. Being Afghan, like the Irish, we naturally root for any team playing the English. Portugal right now is getting away with mad ridicolous fouls. Both are equal in terms of cards/fouls but the Portuguese have gotten away cause the ref wasnt paying attention one terribly late tackle and one really high kick to Roben when he was in the air. This is making me angry.

  10. the referee is quite and idiot for the portugal/netherlands game. He gave a red card to Deco from portugal for no reason and didn’t give Cocu from the netherlands a yellow card for clearly pushing Deco. This game is brutal…

  11. Seriously, worst game I’ve seen. Everytime the game started again, someone else fell down. The Referee was terrible, the players were getting pissed at the same time. If the game was good and Netherlands lost, I wouldn’t care as much as now. That game was terrible and a disgrace.

  12. I’d love for Ghana to win the World Cup. I was rooting for them from the beginning and was quite surprised they made it into the Round of 16. Unfortunatel Ghana’s next game is against Brazil, so unless a miracle happens, I highly doubt Ghana is moving into the quarterfinals.

  13. So who saw the Aussi v.s. Italy game. I was sooo sure it was going to be a draw when in stoppage time Italy gets a penalty kick and Francisco totti sinks the ball in the back of the net…I wouldn’t want to be Australian right now, the entire country is probably crying.

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