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Saudi: “Mom, your wicked, so I can’t take care of you when you get old”

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  • Date: Jun 26,2006 | 11:21 AM

This news story is really sad. An elderly woman living in the country which currently controls the two most holiest cities to Muslims in the world (Mecca and Medina) can’t get any type of health or food aid, since her children refuse to help her because she is ‘wicked’, and the the charities can’t give her anything, since her children are well-off. Where are the religious police of Saudi? Probably too busy hunting down people doing biddah.

Abandoned by Sons, Elderly Woman Lives in Stairwell
Arab News
JIZAN, 19 June 2006 — A 90-year-old woman has been forced to live in the stairwell of a building in Jizan without light, ventilation and a toilet because her children do not want to take care of her, Al-Watan daily reported yesterday.

The woman is in poor health with her eyesight deteriorating. Without access to a toilet the old woman is forced to use plastic bags to relieve herself. A foul smell constantly lingers in the stairwell.

According to locals, the woman is not getting help from charitable people because her sons are financially secure. Besides two sons, the woman has four daughters who live with their husbands. A daughter who lives in Jizan said she did not help her mother because she was “wicked”.

Though the woman is of Yemeni nationality her sons are Saudi citizens.

Al-Watan reported that local people wondered how the sons and daughters could be so cruel to their mother while it is the religious obligation of every believer to care for their parents in old age.

With life expectancy in the Kingdom rising as a result of advanced health care facilities, caring for the aged is increasingly becoming a social problem.

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