Round of 16 Review

roundof161.jpgquarter-finals.jpgThe 2006 FIFA World Cup Round of Sixteen was full of exciting and surprising games. Germany is looking strong with there easy win over Sweden. They scored the games 2 only goals within the first 12 minutes of the match. After that Sweden struggled and never answered back.

Portugal moved on defeating the Netherlands 1 – 0. Netherlands played hard but were unlucky with there shots and possession. Nothing spectacular about this match. This game had so many yellow cards that it was exponential. It was a very physical game.

I feel really sorry for Australia. They got robbed of there chance to move on. In the 95th minute (stoppage time) a penalty was called when Gross went into the box and was tackled. Most people said he fell on his own, but the referee called a penalty kick. Totti took it and scored the winning goal. Australia out on a good peformance though, but Italy was amazing when they played the 2nd half with only 10 men, when Materazzi received his red card in the 50th minute.

Shocking and stale, but exciting game between Switzerland and Ukraine. It went into 2 15-minute extra time and still it was 0 – 0. So they went to the penalty shootout where Ukraine owned them 3 – 0. I was really suprised at Switzerland. They were the favorites and they (supposedly) had a better team. Ukraine is a surprise team in the quarter finals, just like Ghana was in the round of 16.

England struggled as usual throughout this World Cup barely trying to get a goal. They scored only 1 goal against a powerful Ecuador. Beckham scored the goal that allowed England to move on to the quarter finals. If England wants to win, they need to step up and improve there game.

Everyone said Argentina was looking strong until they came to there 3rd game of the 1st round against Netherlands drawing with them. They also drew with Mexico after the regular time of 90 minutes (+ stoppage time) 1 – 1. In extra time though they stepped up and finally scored and didn’t allow Mexico to answer back. Although Argentina won, Mexico played really good and they have an amazing team.

Ronaldo is back! He has the world record for the most goals in the world cup. What now all you Brasil haters! Hahahahah! They defeated Ghana 3 – 0. The (wack) ESPN commentators kept on saying how Ghana was really good throughout the game and how Brasil wasn’t playing that well, even after the 3 goals. I really dislike the ESPN commentators for the World Cup matches. Anyways Ghana did play good, but not good enough to defeat the reigning champions. Brasil has only improved there game throughout the World Cup.

France struggled with Spain with ball posession in the 1st half. In the 2nd half, France took over the show and Zidane had the last goal making it 3 – 1 in the 92nd minute.

After the round of 16, the only teams that are still looking strong are Germany and Brasil. Those are the teams I predict will be in the final World Cup match.

Quarter Final Predictions:

Germany will beat Argentina. Italy will beat Ukraine. Portugal will beat England. Brasil will beat France. InshaAllah.

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  1. Hehe. Nederlands game was whack. Anyways, I agree with the commentators on that one though, Ghana was playing beautifully, they just could not get ball in the net, but thats all that matters, proving once again that Brazil can make things happen when they push themselves. But honestly, they’re all not playing as a tight tight unit yet. We see them flicker on and off towards the end of each match, though today Ghana was definitely playing a good game. Anyways, Argentina Germany game is going to be sickkkkk. As is the France v. Brazil game, two teams who haven’t been preforming as expected until recently.

  2. Reasons why France should not win the World Cup:

    1. They’re French!!
    2. Muslims are treated terribly in that country.
    3. Colonialism in general was bad, but the French were brutal colonizers.
    4. France is wayyy to ethnocentric and loves secularism.

    the only good thing about the French team is Zenidine Zidane and he’s of Algerican descent the very group the French oppress in their terribly unaccepting country

  3. Ummm…I think we shouldn’t politicize this sport…Sports and politics are two different things. Let football maintain its beauty that it alread has, don’t let politics taint it.

  4. Your predictions was almost right… Except. Brazil didn’t win. I’m so disappointed… They played like crap.


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