Imagine Getting Married in Mecca

I was talking about how I want to get married in a masjid (mosque), and then the Kaaba popped in my head. Imagine getting married next to the Kaaba. You wouldn’t have to worry about space. You could invite anyone and everyone. SubhanAllah! It’ll be cheap too. It’ll just cost the airfare to go to Saudi Arabia.

For anyone that lives in or lived in Mecca: do they peform nikkah’s next to the Kaaba?

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  1. Thats not cheap! at least not for the guests. Airfare and Hotel will cost money lol. LOL going to Florida for a wedding is sometimes a pain.

  2. actual, that does/can happen. Dunno. I think you can ask around and if you know a shaykh and all then it can happen.

  3. From what I understand, you can’t only get a visa to enter KSA if you’re part of an Umrah/Hajj tour. (or if you are conducting some sort of business)

  4. Kewl… at least nobody will have to dress up… and if you go during Ramadan, the Saudi King will be providing the food in the form of delicious bread, dates, cheese etc.

    But I don’t think the guests will care to attend to the groom and bride… not a minute to waste in that precious Masjid…

    Maybe Masjid-un-Nabi would be better for a wedding…

  5. Yes, U can have ur nikah in Al haram …. most of my family members get married there … like almost my enire khandaaan had thier nikah in haram

  6. A friend of mine got married in the haram about 10-12 years ago. It wasn’t a large public ceremony obviously, but they had the shar’i essentials (wali, witnesses, etc.). He told me that just as they finished signing the contract, one of the Mutawwa came up to them questioning “what’s going on here?”. So it doesnt seem like they allow it openly, cuz if they did wudnt everyone want to do that?

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