The First Majority Black Team to Make it to the World Cup Finals (again): France

It’s amazing how France, a country with a very bad religious tolerance policy and communities divided by racism, yet the national footbal team for France is made up of predominently Africans or black players.
Let’s take a look at the players:

defender_abidal_eric.jpg Eric Abidal, born in France, but of Martinque descent. Martinque is a Carribean island. defender_boumsong_jean-alain.jpg Jean-Alain Boumsong, born in Cameroon.
defender_chimbonda_pascal.jpg Pascal Chimbonda, born in France, but of Guadeloupian descent. defender_gallas_william.jpg William Gallas, born in France but of Guadeloupian descent.
defender_givet_gael.jpg Gael Givet, born in France. He’s French. defender_sagnol_willy.jpg Willy Sagnol, born in France. He’s French.
defender_silvestre_mikael.jpg Mikael Silvestre, born in France. He’s French. defender_thuram_lilian.jpg Lilian Thruam, born in Guadeloupe.
forward_govou_sidney.jpg Sidney Govou, born in France, but of Beninese descent. forward_henry_thierry.jpg Thierry Henry, born in France, but half Guadeloupian and half Martinique.
forward_saha_louis.jpg Louis Saha, born in France, but of Guadeloupian descent. forward_trezeguet_david.jpg David Trezeguet, bron in France, but of Argentinan descent. He played for Argentina, so did his father.
forward_wiltord_sylvain.jpg Sylvain Wiltord, born in France, but of Guadeloupian descent. midfielder_dhorasoo_vikash.jpg Vikash Dhorasoo, born in France, but of Indo-Mauritian descent (Indians from Mauritis). FIRST DESI PLAYER! haha
midfielder_diarra_alou.jpg Alou Diarra, born in France, but of Senegalese descent. midfielder_makelele_claude.jpg Claude Makelele, born in Zaire.
midfielder_malouda_florent.jpg Florent Malouda, born in French Guiana (French GUYANA!). midfielder_ribery_frank.jpg Franck Ribery, born in France. He’s French and Muslim married to a Moroccan. His Muslim name is Bilal.
midfielder_vieira_patrick.jpg Patrick Vieira, born in Sengal. midfielder_zidane_zinedine.jpg Zinedine Zidane, born in France, but of Algerian descent. I give him mad propz, because he’s married to a Spanish model/dancer. HAHAHA! I am no longer a Zidane hater. 😀

As you can see, out of the 23 total players for France, 16 of them are minorities, (13 Black, 1 Spanish, 1 Arab, 1 Desi). Majority of the team are born in France, except for 5 of them.

Congratulations France. You are the first country to ever be represented by so many minorities. 😀

I am very close to rooting for France, because of this, especially after I found out Zidane is married to a Spanish model/dancer. Hahah, just kidding, AstagfirAllah! GO ITALY! I’m still mad France beat Brasil!

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  1. salam

    Thierry Henry is Muslim too. He helped with the anti racism campaign after he signed some sorta contract with Nike.

    But he IS muslim =) alhamdulilla

  2. i think france has the most muslim players that any other non muslim country/ I herd a rumor the Theirry Henry has converted or is going to convert to islam.

  3. All of the players, of course, hold French citizenship. Six of the 23 French players were not born in the French mainland.
    – The great Patrick Vieira was born in French-speaking Senegal, a former French colony, to a Cape-Verdean family and moved to Paris with his family when he was 8 years-old. He only recently – in 2003 – returned for a visit to Senegal.
    – Reserve Jean-Alain Boumsong was born in Cameroon, also a former French colony.
    РMidfielder Claude Makalele was born in Zaire (R̩publique D̩mocratique du Congo, a former Belgian colony) and moved to France at something like the age of 4.
    – Florent Malouda was born in French Guiana, a French department (DOM – Département d’outre-mer). The official flag is the French national flag.
    – One of the all-time great defensive players, Lilian Thuram, was born in Point-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, which is also a French department.
    – Pascal Chimbonda was also born in Guadeloupe.

    All of them have lived in France since they were young, although three of them do not have French citizenship by birth. These three are African by birth. All of the other team members were born and raised in France except for striker David Trézéguet, who was born in Rouen, France but raised in Argentina until the age of 17 by French immigrant parents.

    So, three players on the French national team are not French by birth, in terms of citizenship. Comparatively, the current US national team has two players who were not born in the US: Pablo Mastroeni (Argentina) and Carlos Bocanegra (Mexico). It will soon include Freddy Adu (Ghana). Many former US players were also not born in the US or to American parents. Two Italian players were also born abroad. Germany’s two biggest young stars – Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski – are both Polish by birth. Oliver Neuville is Swiss. Another, Gerald Asamoah, was born in Ghana. So, four German players are naturalized German citizens, compared to France’s three.

  4. WHEN YOU SAY THAT SOMEONE IS BORN IN LA MARTINIQUE OR LA GUADELOUPE THAT’S mean that THEY ARE FRENCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    because WE ARE FRENCH !!!!
    i’m a born and raised in la martinique and i’m tired of this stupid people! don’t you go to school?
    we are french, we speak french and have a french education ( thx god not like yours !) , the french flag and a french passport !! this is so racist to think that a country is a color !!
    we are french because we are the descent of african slaves import in caribean for the sugar industry by the european ! just like african american for cotton in south usa !! open a damn book !
    plus france is and always will be a country of immigration !

  5. “France, a country with a very bad religious tolerance policy”

    FALSE we are laic you should try !
    it’s means that for french religion is like sex life = keep it In your house because we don’t care !
    and don’t bother other people with it !…
    .i think it’s thebest way to live in peace in society

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