2006 FIFA World Cup Champions: Italy

italy win.jpg

Forza Italia! Forza Azzurri!

Firstly, shout out to my man Salman aka Contemplating Chishti for calling it before the tournament even started. It was a well played game.

Zidane had an amazing penalty kick early in the game:

Italy answered back with Materazzi’s header to tie the game up 1 – 1:

Zidane was given a red card in the 111th minute for head butting Materazzi.

Then after the over time, they went into a penalty shootout. Trezeguet missed an important goal, thus allowing Italy’s chance to win increase, eventually Italy would move on to win it after Grosso hit the final goal to allow Italy to become the 2006 FIFA World Champions.

Congratulations Italia and all the Italian fans worldwide.

7 Replies to “2006 FIFA World Cup Champions: Italy”

  1. you know this worldcup fever is taking coverage from more important issues. 41 dead people in Iraq and the ongoing thing in Palestine.

    but nontheless..France did an amazing job. If isnt wasnt for Zidane getting out they would have taken the cup.

  2. Barthez is too short for a goalie, lol. Why do you think the Italians shot everything high, lol. But you have to give it to the Italians, they were tired and frustrated, but they kept their compusure. Congratulations to them, they TRULY deserve it!

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