Zidane may lose the Golden Ball award

FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter said:

“The winner of the award is not decided by FIFA, but by an international commission of journalists,” Blatter said in Wednesday’s La Repubblica. “That said, FIFA’s executive committee has the right, and the duty, to intervene when faced with behaviour contrary to the ethic of the sport.”

Blatter: Zidane could lose Golden Ball
FIFA president: Zidane could be stripped of best-player award
Zidane could be stripped of prize

4 Replies to “Zidane may lose the Golden Ball award”

  1. I read some report that FIFA is looking into the incident and it Materazzi did say something racial he and the Italian team could face some consequences.

  2. I don’t think he should the award for a moment of madness, I’m not a big Zidane fan, but he played really well in this world cup and he deserves that award

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