Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

Watch this amazing video about the US Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

This video made me cry.

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  1. hey Amir, you remember how you posted an article a while back about extremist salafees or what not and then retracted and subhanallaah….now this war, you see what I mean, little brother there are too many people hating on us muslims and we shouldnt be hating on each other. May Allaah bless your tears for your brothers and sisters and for the ummah. May Allaah accept our prayers and guide us to being true servants of Allaah.

    May Allaah guide the people of Filisteen and Lebanon towards AL-Islaam and full submission to Allaah.

    May Allaah cause people to stay away from the nightclubs that were prevalent in Lebanon, the free-mixing, promiscuity, the indecent clothes, the alcohol and may Allaah give hidaya to people of that region to follow islaam and to give up sins and likewise for us muslims in the rest of the world.

    For no one is powerful, not the US, not the bani israel and they cannot do anything except that it is the Will of Allaah. And Allaah Wills whatsoever and it happens. For some it is a test of eemaan for others a punishment but in the end the reaction should be the same: to recognize our weaknesses, our sins and submit to the Creator. To not worship those that cannot do us any benefit and to remember constantly the One Who put us on this earth.

  2. You are right. We should be united, but there are some extremist salafis who will not even unite with the majority. It is those that I still dislike and they are a burden to the movement to bring peace and justice for all.

  3. Ya Allah! OmG, Muhjahideen Ryder..this movie made me sob! Like literally, I cannot believe it..Wallahi my eyes are still kinda blurry but its 3:28am in Canada so I may be insane..Its depressing but I just wish there was something we could do as an seriously something that ppl. wud pay attention too and take action towards…


  4. hey but they are not even salafees,
    those guys are khwarajee or deviants, they have deviated, they are the one’s who killed ‘Ali RA and thought they were more pious than the sahaabah. We all should read into our religion, do our research. The so called “salafees” are not salafees but in fact khwarajees, they have extreme ibaadah that impales the ibaadah of even the sahaaba and they make takfeer left and right and even based on major sins. Your labeling that extreme salafee is a misnomer highly, because the only person that thinks they are salafee is themselves and the kuffaar, the real salafees(ahem, like yours truely) have nothing to do with them and it damages my reputation and who I am and teh da’wah that I do when you call the likes of “THEM” salafees.
    I wanted to reply earlier
    but no matter how many times I have said this, no one listens to what I am saying.
    It is ok, we have more pressing issues at hand.

  5. this made me sick to my stomach, but at the same time was the only remedy for my unrest..may Allah bless the Palestinians and strengthen them with a strong help, ameen. and may He also bless the righteous who fight against the occupation and injustice, and curse those who further it intentionally, ameen.

  6. After watching this video, how many of you will actually get off your ass and do something? How many of you will shak your head, say “what a shame” and then go and have a good time with your buddies and maybe stopping at the mall to buy yourself a t-shirt and an ice-cream. It takes a truly moral human being to sacrifice their own wants to help the palestinians and others suffering around the world (AFRICA) achieve their needs. How many of you will be morally sound? I’m putting my money on 10%

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