8 Replies to “Petition: Israel Pull Out of Lebanon”

  1. It will not. But it’s a conscious effort to say – we don’t agree with what’s happening. In these times, that’s all we can do…for now.

  2. nothing we would say would stop the zionist ,the jews and the americans have an agenda and no matter what you say it will be done.sadly the time of peace is over.for some reason i fear satan is winning!

  3. It seems that way, but it’s supposed to look that way – but the kingdom of Shaytan is coming to an end soon. Allah has promised that to our Ummah, Alhamdulillah.

  4. It is shamefully unacceptable that the US is sitting back and watching as Israel slaughters innocents justifying this action with the the nasty rhetoric, “Israel has the right to defend itself.” Have we learned nothing from Rwanda? Israel’s and the US’s actions will serve to accomplish nothing except increase support for Hezzbullah. Shameful. What is the difference between the killing of innocents in the World Trade Centers and in the homes of Lebanon? I grew up believing that we were a country of morality and justice and am sad that this is no longer true.

  5. If you think taht the USA is sitting back and watching Israel you are sadly mistaken. The US has taken an active role, by operating in the background. They have given over a Billion dollars of aid to Israel in the past year alone. The US can stop Israel in a heartbeat if it wanted to, but it stands by its belief that Israel is defending itself. What crap.

    Israel is demanding Hezabollah be stopped, but it is destroying the army of Lebanon. How can Lebanon stop a terrorist group if Israel will not give it time? How can anyone support the attacking of a nation due to the actions of one group? But then again, the US invaded Iraq for Al-Queda, so who knows.

  6. Hezbollah are not a seperate group, they are armed Lebanese. The Lebanese people should have evicted Syria and Hezbollah a long time ago. They are now reaping the fruits of their inaction.

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