Why I love non-Muslims, especially Orthodox Jews

chillrabbi.jpgI was at the protest in NYC against Israel yesterday and I must say I had shocking eye opener. I will go into some details (what I remember) of my time in the city.

I took the train from my house to get to the city. Took the subway to the place where the protest was. I came half an hour early. I watched all the (bias) news media set up which included, CBS News, FOX News, CNN, ABC News and a whole lot more. I saw the people from A.N.S.W.E.R. setting up a large “Free Palestine” banner. As time passed on more and more people came. The protest began 20 minutes before the official start time. The NYPD set up the barricades on the street to box off the area where the protest was. When the actual time, 4:30, came for the official start of the protest, there were at least 300 to 400 people already there. By 5:00, there were probably 1,000 people there. You could see at least 10 to 15 Palestinian and Lebanese flags. A lot of signs saying “Israel is a terrorist state” and “Stop US Aid to Israel”. The chants were: “Free free Palestine!”, “Stop bombing Lebanon!”, “Olmert, Olmert, what do you say? How many kids have you killed today?”, “Hey hey, ho ho, Zionism’s got to go!”, “1, 2, 3, 4! Occupation no more! 5, 6, 7, 8! Israel is a terrorist state!” and others I forget.

Now the things that shocked my mind. There were so many non-Muslims there protesting with us. I had this thought that there were going to be a lot of Muslims (picture a lot of hijabis, bearded brothers, brothers with kufis, etc.). Instead I saw few Muslims and more non-Muslims. I had a great feeling inside that there is hope in this country after all and that Muslims aren’t the only ones that think Bush is an idiot and Zionism is evil.

The most craziest thing I have ever seen was a bunch of Jewish (yeah, JEWISH) rabbis holding Palestinian and Lebanese flags with posters of the Israeli flag with a red cross-circle over it. These were the Orthodox Jews of Neturei Karta (Jews Against Zionism). I will never ever again be bias towards all Jews. I put a picture in this entry of one of the rabbi’s holding up a sign.

Lastly, me and my friend posed next to the 5-10 pro-Israeli Zionists for fun. As you can see we are peacefully standing there smiling and taking a picture while the angry Zionists shout at us and one of them even gives us the finger. This shows the true nature of these Zionists.


Check out Sulayman’s log for futher details (better than mine) about the protest.

Pictures of the protest: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4 | Link 5

Check this video out:

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  1. wow your website is complete crap. like, total crap. It’s just anti-Israel propaganda with no Facts. at all. you take one event and then complete distort it. Israel has a right to exist just like any other country. They have a right to defend themselves. If Palestinians are constantly launching Qassam rockets from the Gaza strip into civilian areas, then yes, Israel should protect its citizens and get rid of the rockets. (Oh wait…the Gaza strip as in the area of land that Israel foolishly gave away to the Palestinians in an effort for “peace.” right. Whoa the Palestinians clearly don’t want peace, and I take issue with the fact that you support TERRORIST GROUPS like Hezbollah whose mission is to destroy innocent civilians. Palestinians are the ONLY people in the world to still call themselves “refugees” when in fact they’re just 3rd generation “refugees”. Just because the Koran tells you to destroy and hate Jews, doesn’t mean you should act on it. Israel has ALWAYS had the most morale of any country…ever. Israelis never purposely kill civilians. in fact, they treat wounded Palestinians in Israeli hospitals! Or that Israelis have always allowed Palestinians to come get medical treatment in Israel. Or that Muslim women are allowed–no, ENCOURAGED to go to University in Israel and run for public office. (could a Muslim women run for office in Gaza? Hell no!) Or that Israelis have always allowed ANYONE to live in Israel- Muslims, Christians, whoever. Before Israel got Jerusalem, Muslims didn’t allow anyone except Muslims to go pray there. (How’s that for racist?!?!?!) Of course, you wouldn’t know that…being that you live in an anti-israel media-controlled-lying- world. oh wait, you contribute to the anti-israel lies.
    ani sonet o’tach b’emet, ani ohevet eretz shel d’vash v’chalav.

  2. It is what the Almighty desires for the M/East that will prevail. No sentiment or propaganda can really change anything there. God knows all the wicked people who kill innocent others!!

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