Al-Baqarah: Grammar & Translation, Taught by Nouman Ali Khan


For all those brothers and sisters in the New York City area, I’d recommend this class to you. Nouman Ali Khan is a really great teacher. He is the founder of the Husna Learning Foundation which focuses on teaching Qur’anic Arabic in America.

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3 Replies to “Al-Baqarah: Grammar & Translation, Taught by Nouman Ali Khan”

  1. i dont know the Al-Baqarah Chapeter in Arabic is there a way i can get the arabic translation into words. so i can try to learn some of it. Mahadsanid

  2. yeah umm i need help with some of the chapters can someone help me plase. I would love too see how i looks written out man.

  3. Assalamu alaikum i would love to get a Holy Quran arabic drawing web address thing on my email that would be soo cool

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