Wudu makers cleaner than 66% of Americans

wudu.jpgI saw this post that on SeekersDigest.org which linked to WebMD’s article entitled 2 out of 3 Americans Don’t Wash Hands and I found this interesting.

As Muslims we have to wash our hands, face, arms, wet our hair, back of the neck, ears and feet (aka wudu) at least a couple of times daily. Not all Muslims make wudu properly or even make wudu period. Thus, the title says ‘Wudu makers’.

Yay for wudu!

 PS – Don’t you hate losing your wudu right after you make wudu.

Dave Chappelle is glad he left TV

dave.jpgAs you most of you probably know Dave Chappelle is a Muslim, alhamdulillah. I really loved his show, but he stopped making shows and in the following article he says he’s glad of it. This is dawah right here.

“You should just have some values that you just hold, that you won’t sell at any price.”

What a quote for such a famous comedian and actor. May Allah bless Dawud Chappelle and continue to guide him to Islam. InshaAllah he’ll make some halal Muslim comedy. Hahaha.

Chappelle Says He’s Glad He Left TV Show

Dave Chappelle doesn’t regret his decision to walk away from a $50 million deal to continue his hit Comedy Central television show. However, he might miss the money.

Halting his “Chappelle’s Show” two years ago was “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life,” the comedian said Tuesday while addressing the opening convocation at Central State University.

“Now, economically it makes no sense at all,” he added.

Chappelle, who lives near the southwest Ohio village of Yellow Springs, encouraged students not to compromise their values.

“It’s good to have a vision for your life, but your moral conduct and your moral code should be priceless,” he said. “You should just have some values that you just hold, that you won’t sell at any price.”

Central State’s marching band played before Chappelle’s hour-plus talk. The band was featured in the recent documentary “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.”

Source: Chappelle Says He’s Glad He Left TV Show

Back from Canada

I was on vacation for about 10 days in Canada. I had a lots of fun up there in the 51st state. Hahaha! Shout out to all the brothers and sisters I met up there.

I can’t believe how many comments I have received on my previous post! Anyways, I apologize for anything wrong I said.

Anyways more on my Canada trip. I was chillin’ mostly in the Hamilton area about 1 hour from Toronto. Canada’s air really messed me up with my allergies but the news was amazing. American news is wack compared to Canadian news. The best of all was HALAL POPEYES, something New York doesn’t have. I think, when I get rich, I’ll invest in a halal Popeyes over here.

Conversation between Liberal and Conservative Islam: Mona Eltahawy and Yasir Qadhi (Kazi)

I found this article very interesting. I like it because it’s two Muslims from the same background but with totally different views, opinions and concept of Islam, except in the end they both have this “bond“. You’ll see. 😀 Also I never knew Shaykh Yasir Qadhi still goes by Kazi. Check it out:

Backstory: What it means to be Muslim
They went to the same school in Saudi Arabia – so how did they turn out so differently?
By Mona Eltahawy | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Yasir Kazi was the last person I wanted to sit next to on the plane taking us from the US to Copenhagen for the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) conference last month. But airline ticket counter agents – and divine intervention perhaps – determined otherwise, for there he was, on the aisle seat of my row as we boarded a connecting flight from Iceland to Denmark.

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What the media needs to show: Muslim Scholars condemning Terrorism

There has been a claim from one of my commentors that Americans do not see any Muslim scholars condemning terrorism. Well here you go:

Bombing without Moonlight: The Origins of Suicidal Terrorism
Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad

What is the Islamic stance regarding kidnappings & killings in Iraq?
Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Recapturing Islam from the terrorists
Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad

Islamic Spirituality: The Forgotten Revolution
Shaykh Nuh Ha Meem Keller

Peace and Justice in Islam
Imam Zaid Shakir

Tolerance in Islam
Muhamamd Marmaduke Pickthal

Wahhabism: Imam Muhammad Abu Zahra Explains
Shaykh G. F. Haddad

Does Qur’an teach violence?
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi

ISNA denounces terrorism in the name of Islam
Statement signed by 72 nationwide Imams, Muslim scholars, leaders and activists.

Against Terrorism and Religious Extremism: Muslim Position and Responsibilities
Fiqh Council of North America

Are Violence and Extremism an Islamic Phenomena?
Shaykh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

Harun Yahya

If any you guys find more articles or fatawa (Islamic rulings) condeming terrorism, please comment and link it. Thanks!

Muslim Voters Guide for the U.S. Senate Elections 2006

Pray. Make dua. Protest. Cry. Argue. Yell. Blame the US. Blame Israel. Blame the Media. Blame Muslims. Blame ourselves.

What else can we do to change the sitaution of the Ummah as American Muslims?

The United States Senate elections will take place on November 7, 2006. Out of the 100 seats in the Senate, 33 are being contested for. When these 33 senators are elected they will be in the Senate from 2007 until 2013. That’s 6 years! Muslims, especially the younger generation, need to step up and take up the vote.

My friend has decided to start a Muslim Voters Guide to find out and do research on all the candidates for each state finding out what there views on the Iraq war, Palestine, Patriot act, relgious tolerance and other issues that American Muslims are concerned with.

You can join us and help by joining the Shield of Islam forums and posting up information about the Senate race in your state or anything regarding Political Muslim activism. Here are some topics that have alreay been started:

Issues concerning Muslim Americans

New York Muslim Voters Guide

Maryland Voters Guide

Your State here!

PS: For all those who say Voting is Haram. Please press alt-F4. Thank you!

Islam in Space (part 2)

mecca4romthesky.jpgShout out to Tamzid for showing me this. This is is an udpate from my last post, Islam in Space. Malaysia is sending a Muslim astronaut into space, so the scholars have figured out how the Muslim can pray and peform abulution. They said the person can pray sitting down and make wudu with a wet cloth. Honestly, I’d love to pray on a floating prayer rug. Hahaha!

Islam Hits International Space Station
When a day lasts 90 minutes, how often does a Muslim astronaut pray?
By Amos Kenigsberg
DISCOVER Vol. 27 No. 08 | August 2006 | Space

As Malaysia’s space program prepares to send the country’s first astronaut to the space station next year, it is confronting some of the standard first-astronaut questions: what scientific research to pursue, which local delicacy to bring aboard, and who among the eager candidates should go. It is also tackling some more unusual quandaries, such as when to conduct the five daily Islamic prayers on an orbiting ship where a day lasts only 90 minutes.

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