11 Replies to “Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on the Israeli War”

  1. assalamu alaykum thanks a lot for posting that it is really touching to the heart and insha allah what he speaks will happen and have an impact on mankind keep it up and keep the faith jazzak allah khayr

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Thank you very much for posting this Brother, may Allah Bless Brother Yusuf and may he help the Ummah trully understand and implement the deen as Allah Subhanatallah has commanded.

    May Allah bless all my brothers and sisters!


  3. asalamu alaikum,

    jazak Allah kheiran for the post. my only beef is what took so long? these atrocities have been going on for almost a month, yet this is the first sign of an article, an interview, anything from a US muslim scholar. and even this is only going to be seen by muslims and not the “average” american who get his info fron Faux/CNN news. in any case, Allahuma insur al islam wal muslimeen. ameen.

  4. MJ, thanks for letting me know about these videos you have up. I have had company since Thursday, through Monday, and have not had time to read/listen to anything. Posting has been very light, with Chad filling in. I will be back when folks leave and I have time to concentrate and listen.

    Thanks again

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