17 Replies to “UK News coverage of the Israeli war – What you don’t see on American TV”

  1. i love jon snow. and the israeli spokeswoman is a biatch.

    may the israelis DIE in their bomb shelters, for all I care.

    “..trying to deny Israel’s right to exist” – what right? so full of BS.

  2. by the way MR, the first video isn’t of Israel’s attack on Hezbollah & Lebanon, its a few weeks back when Hamas won the elections and Israel bombed the electricity stations in the Gaza strip.

  3. People should also know that there is actually another war going on simultaneously that we don’t hear about. Israel has killed hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip while this conflict with Lebanon is taking place.

    According to this Reuters article (which is 2 weeks old), at least 121 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been killed in a month.

  4. Here is a video on the Lebanon :


    About the Video (from beirutletters.org) :

    “This video letter was made on July 21, 2006 at the studios of Beirut DC, a film and cinema collective which runs the yearly Ayam Beirut Al Cinema’iya Film Festival. This video letter was produced in collaboration with Samidoun, a grassroots gathering of various organizations and individuals who were involved in relief and media efforts from the first day of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. It was also broadcasted at the Biennial of Arab Cinema, organized by the Arab World Institute in Paris (institut du monde Arabe).”

    This video is really sad.

    Salam alikoum

  5. Salam,

    How does one not have the feeling of Qitaal fe Sabeelillah after such ridiculous statements? So many opportunities. So little time. But no, we are too scared to stand up because we fear the blame of the blamers.

    SubhanAllah. Allahumansur Mujahideena fe kulli makaan.


  6. Salam… May Allah be with our brothers in Lebanon and Palestine

    There is also this other interview in the Sky News where George Galloway critsizes the bias of the media toward this conflict… Very true are the words he speaks…To tell you the truth, he is more concerned about this issue than some of us Muslims!


  7. Thanks for proving debbie, once again, how brainwashed you are. the group, as per usual, took the actions of a minority and generalised them to all. and please get over september 11th, it was a long time ago. There’s been murders and genocides around the world and there’s a war going on right now – we’re done caring about september 11th.

    It was an act of terrorism – in the past . what was done because of it – the complete destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan – if anything is a greater act of terrorism yet I dont see anyone bothering to make a movie about THEM . Instead, the same BS spread over and over again.

  8. it looks like England feels gulity about the Balfour treaty that created Israel in the first place…

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