11 Replies to “Peace to all my REAL Jews!”

  1. This was interesting…I knew about this..but it is getting more popular now I think..In light of situations…
    good one. peace

  2. this rabbi was at the IslamExpo in London and gave a great talk on the situation of palestine and what the real status of the Jews in the world is according to their own scriptures.
    Big up.

  3. this is one of a group acting as if they are against israeli government and policies , and israeli show them everywhere just to show that they have democracy , no israeli or jews like muslims ,neither they wanna live in peace with them , if they have the choice , thay would have killed all muslims and took their coountries , we should not be that naive when it comes to politics.

  4. Right…well why dont you talk to some REAL Jews and see what they think… (such a ridiculous sophism)

  5. Its sad that hezbollah can buy the souls and psyches of the lebonese people with a mere 12,000 dollars per family.The U.S. sent 270 million dollars.

  6. I hardly think it’s the money that “bought” them. Hizbullah had support before they paid out any money. If they didn’t have support, they wouldn’t have government seats.

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