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  1. Assalaamualaikum,

    I hope, insha’allah, that you are all in good health. The sad thing about what this cartoon shows is bombing people won’t make them like you, I mean come on! everyone knows that, what the jahannum is wrong with Israel?! Insha’allah you are all well.


  2. In my opinion, Israel is trying to emulate the biblical ancient hebrews- killing civilians, destroying crops and livestock, etc. Israel is nothing more than a 60 year old colony.

  3. It’s funny how that to seek comprehensive truth and speak out against immorality is common, until one does so against the actions of israel. Then, the first thing people do is ask if the “white boy” speaking is a Muslim on the down low as opposed to heeding the message. Thank God that He is the Hearer, the Seer, the Mighty, the Wise, the Most High, the Exalted! B/c mankind if blind and not functioning on all culinders, even us Muslimeen.

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  5. YAH!! doesn’t Israel know its ok to “lob rockets in your country and grab a few soldiers”.

    stupid jewish pigs

  6. So, what you are saying is that Israel shouldn’t have done anything? If this is a “different” blog, a blog that doesn’t support terrorism, in what way is that “Smartybomb” thing funny?

    Or does your blog take the position that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist; or to make ANY kind of response when attacked?

    I think you’re getting thinks just a bit confused when you start valuing one kind of human life above another, and then find humor in condemning the ones who were attacked in the first place.

    The vast majority of Israeli citizens want to live in peace – how do you propose they do that when Arab groups (lets say the moderate PLO — moderate in comparison to some) — advocate throwing every last Israeli Jew into the sea, “Kill them all” is the theme.

    Israelis do NOT blow up bombs of children. They do NOT leave bombs in market places. That is terrorism. They do not tell themselves that it’s okay to kill thousands of innocents by driving a PLANE into a skyscraper and destroying hundreds of thousands of lives though the deaths of the people in those buildings.

    The Arab world could easily provide succor to those it feels have gotten a bad deal. No rational person wants anyone to live in a camp; but the Arab world DOES use those people as a club with which to beat Israel instead of simply helping them.

    Neither side is free of guilt in that respect — I can say that. Can you?

    And going back a bit… those people were told not to flee their homes, their own leaders told them to — this ugly situation, camps which breed terrorists, was something that should never have happened.

    Even with the occupied territory, Israel is still in reach of bombs — what would happen if it was completely given back and Israel were to withdraw (as it did in the Sinai – or are we not even considering that?)

    Israel worked with Sadat — and gave back the Sinai. What is that if not evidence of a desire for peace? And what did the Arab world do to Sadat? They MURDERED him.

    Anytime a moderate Arab leader tries to forge relations that could lead to lasting peace, he is killed.

    People, if the only solution you have in mind is that the Israelis leave and “give” the country to the Arabs, then the delusion is yours; just as any Israeli who thinks that making the Arabs go away is similarly deluded.

    Israelis AND Arabs are Semites.

    Learn to GET ALONG and stop killing each other. Terrorism, killing people at the Olympics, killing busloads of civilians, children, blowing up buildings… that is NOT the way. Making fun when the terrorists took an action that was responded to – not appropriate.

    Or can’t you all give up the “fun” of being martyrs and feelings badly done by and wanting and needing to HATE?

    Stop hating – both sides – and DEAL with the fact that no one is going to allow themselves to be killed or moved away. Both groups have ties to the land; Jews have been living in Israel forever – yes, more came after the Holocaust, but they did not come to drive YOU out.

    They actually lived in peace for quite a while. The average arab living in Israel had a much better life and the new comers reclaiming desert land had help from the people living there… medicine and technology for the Arabs, and assistance in many other way for the new arrivals reclaiming land.

    Kibbutz and village lived side by side in peace.

    What destroyed that? Look back and you’ll see and understand that it was not the people who arrived and joined with those already there. They were happy to have peace and a respite from war and death. And the Arabs already there benefitted tremendously.

    Look behind the lies the each side has been taught, back to the truth.

    That would be a good start.

    In peace to all-

  7. peace to the christian soldier,

    only one correction to your otherwise ok post, this site does nto support terrorism and neither does islam, the same way when timothy mcveigh, a christian bombed innocent people in oklahoma, we did nto start yelling that christianity supports terrorism,

    being someone on the outside, its probably hard for you to udnerstand the value of our beautiful religion, but i will tell you this much, our religion is not one of terrorism, and as far as our history is concerned, and common knowledge, israel’s entrance in to palestine did drive out arabs and has created a bloody feud that has not ended to this day. Before the entrance of israel in to palestine post-hitler’s time, this feud did not exist, we are not one-sided, but it seems as if we are on the right side.

    peace and may God guide you to the right path.


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