Back from Canada

I was on vacation for about 10 days in Canada. I had a lots of fun up there in the 51st state. Hahaha! Shout out to all the brothers and sisters I met up there.

I can’t believe how many comments I have received on my previous post! Anyways, I apologize for anything wrong I said.

Anyways more on my Canada trip. I was chillin’ mostly in the Hamilton area about 1 hour from Toronto. Canada’s air really messed me up with my allergies but the news was amazing. American news is wack compared to Canadian news. The best of all was HALAL POPEYES, something New York doesn’t have. I think, when I get rich, I’ll invest in a halal Popeyes over here.

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  1. yo when i was in Canada over the winter break, i had no idea that the POPEYES was halal….it didnt even say so on the box or anything….my friends were just sittin around and tearin up some fried chicken while i was eatin pizza….on the ride back to NY some1 told me that all the POPEYES were halal….damn it, missed out on that fried chicken

  2. MR man once again thx for the mad help with the wedding …. we couldn’t have done it without you!!! insha Allah when you get married we can return the favour … yup all four times πŸ˜‰

  3. i didnt even know you guys had popeyes… i thought it was just a Louisiana thing..

    another reason to love new orleans πŸ™‚ haha. actually i never did like new orleans.. too dirty..

    come to think of it. i dont even like popeyes.. way too greasy.

  4. Assalamu ‘alaikum,

    yo, amir, glad to have you back, we always miss you when you leave stony… just please don’t ever leave again with a nit-picking post that causes the ummah to start fighting… 40 pushups for you and 40 lashes, lol…

    your blod is still second best behind haseeb’s because of his non-bickering artciles and politically correct ways….

    your brother in islaam and owner of you in bball,

    Abdur-Rehman Mirza

  5. Yeah, you know it MR, Canadian news is a million times less bias and better than American news :-).

    and Halal Popeyes is awesome…. πŸ™‚

    You should have also checked out (or should check out in the future) Montreal or even Ottawa- where I live :-0

  6. can i ask wat the hell is a popeye…i mean i remember a cartoon called popeye the sailor man…..but nope iam totally clueless what popeyes r….though iam very intrigued?

  7. awww, i was at PAkistan, even thoguh im Afghan :p, i wud have me tup with you and showed you ma islamic brothers

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