MR not going to ISNA (again, 3rd straight year)

As you may know, thousands of Muslims will be gathering at America’s largest annual conference, the Islamic Society of North America’s annual convention aka ISNA. For the past 3 years, there has always been some type of wedding, school related or other issues preventing me from going. Unfortunately this year is the same deal. Have fun if your going. Make sure you eat a lot of halal rice krispy treats and check out ISNA’s Saturday night lecture and MSAs Sunday night lecture.

I have a surprise, Imam Suhaib Webb will be at ISNA:

Young Muslims (YM) and MAS Youth Chicago Present an EXCLUSIVE EVENT:
Imam Suhaib Webb
“The Five Distinguishing Characteristics of a Muslim”
What Makes YOU Different? Gives YOU Purpose? What Qualities Will Allow US to Succeed as Servants of Allah?”
ISNA Weekend – Saturday Night, September 2nd, 2006
1:00 AM – Fajr (Tahajjud Included – Saturday Night going into Sunday Morning)
Right across the street from the ISNA Convention at the DoubleTree Hotel– Signature Room II
5460 North River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018
Accommodations will be made for Brothers AND Sisters
“Scholars of Islam have recognized five important characteristics which distinguish the Muslim personality. MAS Youth and Young Muslims invites you to spend a night in deep discussion and appreciation for the important qualities. By understanding them, implementing them and perfecting them, Muslims will truly be able to reach the noble path of moderation, balance and compassion that is needed in today’s world.”
AND ITS FREE! No registration required!
For more information please call:
Br. Qadri: 847.477.7695
Br. Abdul S: 312.420.0049
Sr. Dalia: 847.533.1497

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  1. amir, it’s now 5 years since we went to ISNA, it’s 3 years. we went sept 2003, your freshman year. you got bad memory, sign of old age.

  2. haha. your mama visits your blog? *waves at MR’s mama*

    i didnt go ever. something about how it’s on the other side of the pond. 🙁

    inshaAllah next year.

  3. salam to amirs mom 🙂


    hey amir- you should’ve come.

    suhaib webb – mA.
    zaid shakir – mA.
    hamza yusuf – mA.
    mohammed hamagid ali – mA mA mA one of my fav. speakers ever.

    does anyone else think hamza yusuf looks a little bit like johnny depp? i think its the facial hair.

    altaf hussain (i think thats his name-) his lecture at the MSA thing about scenes of disarray- he was hilarious mA.

    ok, i have no details. too much to type. you should go online and buy the DVDs of the sessions.


    oh, and uhm… khatami was there- random?!! irani ex president makes an appearance at ISNA. i understood his speech in farsi 😀 even tho irani farsi is wack.

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