Saturday? It’s suppose to be either Sunday or Monday!

What is wrong with ISNA? and Saudi?

September 23, 2006 is the 29th of Shaban in North America. Based on actual moon sighting, September 24, 2006 (Sunday) may be the 1st of Ramadan, otherwise it will be the 30th of Shaban.


Seriously, can people count these days?

Shaykh Hamza owned ISNA in this amazing article.

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  1. Sunday is the actually the 24th, but your point is absolutely correct. According to the Saudis Shaban had only 28 days this year! This isn’t the first time they’ve done this, why do people outside of Saudi follow a calendar which even they admit has errors?

  2. Asalamu-Alaikum

    I live in Toronto, and according to my mosque ramadan starts on the 23rd, thus i will start fasting tomm. Yet regardless of when you do start everyone should respect others decisions and btw saying theres something wrong with ISNA and Saudi, and saying how people can’t count these days isn’t exactly a nice thing to say….but hey its ur opinion ( : RAMADAN KAREEM!!!!

  3. No, he is absolutely correct in his statements about ISNA and the whole deal of precalculation. Nowhere in Islam does it say to precalculate when the moon will show. These things are never 100% so why don’t we go with the way of the best example ever known to mankind? And who might that be? The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) of course. He always looked for the moon, and there are many hadith regarding sighting of the moon.

  4. So it Ramadan could potentially start Saturday (as it has for many, including myself), Sunday, and even Monday … we can have 4 potential days of Eid (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday). This is crazy.

    But like I told you a a couple hours ago, regardless of the day we start or the day we end Ramadan, may Allah accept all the fasts we do and reward us for it.

  5. Brother Asad, many of the ahadeeth you would use to defend ur point, are the same ones being used by the people that are using calculation as a method. Its all up to interpretation. So..I don’t think you should be so quick to give your verdict.

    and MR bro..its cool, let’s not make an issue out of it, I kno it’s a bit frustrating to not be able to celebrate eid with ur homies, but is all good, all our fasts will be accepted inshaAllah. Something that we don’t argue over, cannot possibly divide us.


  6. “Imam Raouf Zaman of MCMC and Imam Yusuf Islahi independently confirmed that the moon was sighted in Texas.” – Adib (YM Forums)

    In anycase, I am opposed to calculation of the moon. I do not see the need. See the moon, fast, do not see the moon, wait an extra day. Something so simple, has become too complex. I never asked the source, but I am sure my Imam has a valid reason for beginning Ramadan now, since he is opposed to calculation and did not care about the Fiqh Council decision.

  7. Salaam Bro,

    Whatever ur opinion is, you should respect that of others…whether we like it or not…difference of opinions is a reality for this Ummah…hence we have to accept it in a respectful manner.

    Ramadan Mubarak

  8. Yes, that was a great article, wasn’t it. Addressed all the issues so precisely. Can’t argue with that kind of stuff.

    May Allah continue to bless Shaykh Hamza in his endeavors.

  9. Actually the calendar that you follow can be different regarding the previous month, so if say the saudi calendar started a day earlier in sha’ban and then the other calendar for others started a day late, then we ahve this problem. Now if the new moon is sighted on friday night, then the only logical conclusion could be one??? Anyone wanna guess….someone’s calendar si screwed up – dallas has 2 sightings, 1 in denton, one in houston – thats 4 in texas

    Allah Knows Best

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