MR tries to educate Peter King about his statement, “85% of mosques are run by radical extremists”

At least some students opposed to King’s views said they would rather hear him speak than try to drown him out. Amir Sahib, who was waiting outside the faculty room door for King, said he wanted to educate the congressman about Islam.

Sahib had heard his lecture and was angered when King repeated the contention of a Muslim sheik that 85 percent of mosques in the United States are run by radicals. The congressman had been challenged on the statistic by another student, Erol Ruzehaji, during the question-and-answer session.

Sahib, who comes from British Guyana, said the sheik King quoted is a minor figure whose name most American Muslims would not even recognize. Leading Muslim clerics would not say the same, he claimed.

“I’ll admit there are probably a few, maybe 7 percent out of 100 percent, that have extremist ideologues,” Sahib said. “It’s been five years since 9/11. If it were 85 percent, you’d think the CIA would have gotten them by now.”

Some corrections: I said maybe there are 2 percent out of 100 percent. Maybe the journalist wrote 2 really fast, and it came out to be 7. Also, I said my parents are from Guyana, which was a British colony in South America. Other then that, it was pretty good wording of what I said.

Source: Rancor over SBU speech

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