Fast 6 more days and get the reward for fasting a year!

The person who observes fasting in the month of Ramadan, and also observes fasting for six days in the month of Shawwal, it is as if they have observed fasting for the whole year.

From Sahih Muslim.

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  1. salaam,

    whats also important to note is that one must fast the obligatory fasts FIRST before fasting the six days of shawwal. so for any reason that you have to make up fasts from the month of ramadan (eg. mensus), you MUST make those up FIRST and THEN fast the 6 days of shawwal to get the reward of fasting the entire year =)

    insha’Allah everyone reads this! yay!

  2. Inshallaah you must peform the ones you missed, for a woman maybe she missed 6 days or 7 days she must do these fast 1st, the the Shawal as the ones she owes are fard, This is a sunnah Fast, but the ones you owe are fard

  3. For the woman, she can go with the Maliki opinion that fasting any 6 days of the year counts for the 6 days of Shawal. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf was saying that the hadith, in Arabic, uses the word “min” which could either mean from or onwards in the contect it was used.
    If not, then the woman is still rewarded greatly for obeying Allah in not fasting.

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