Darul Uloom Deobandi $cholars for Dollar$ [edited]

EDIT: It was all lies! Please read this: Darul Uloom Deoband’s official response to the conspiracy

Alhamdulillah! I am relieved. They were pretty stupid to play the adhan and have the time of the video at around 10 AM, which is clearly impossible to have the adhan. Idiots! haha!

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  1. I don’t think this is enough punishment, as this has the following crimes:
    1. Failing Allah’s trust
    2. Failing public trust
    3. Doubting masses in Islam and Muslim scholars, and opening the door of future slandering of Muslims and their scholars.
    4. Failing the trust of the istituation that they belong to, and slandering it with their actions.

    I believe a Sharee3a court should try them on those crimes and punish them accordingly.
    We Muslims cannot tolerate such crimes as it will add more trouble to our already troubled situation in the world.
    Allah have mercy on this ummah that has scholars like that. It seems we are aproaching the end of Time, were it’s a chaeos and so much away from Allah

  2. One must be careful in accepting reports of contemporary news media outlets, especially if they demean the character of our fellow Muslims. One of the preeminent mashaikh of our times, Hadhrat Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad, once said about the West “they are the masters of disguise”. Also, in this day and age in which our diseased hearts have ill expectations of others, such unconfirmed reports only serve to worsen our spiritual disease.
    With regard to this recent allegation against some religious scholars, please read the response given by the head of Darululoom Deoband last month. While the English translation that is on the Darululoom-Deoband.com website leaves out some details, it does convey the findings of the investigation carried out by the madrasa itself. Also, the mufti in question was reinstated by madrasa. May Allah keep us in the shadow of our righteous scholars.


  3. Assalamu Alaykum,

    Whoever wrote this:

    “This is crazy! Some Indian TV station caught some Muslim scholars of the Darul Uloom Deoband Islamic University passing fatwas in exchange for money. Fatwas were as low as $60. This is ridiculous. They should be stripped of there positions!”

    should think twice before making such assumptions. First of all, we shouldn’t fall into that trap we always fall into, i.e. believing these so-called sting operations done by media outlets against the ahle-haqq ulama. Now that was common sense.

    If we were to dig deeper into this issue and actually take out the time to read (or get someone to translate) the urdu statement issued by the Darul Uloom in this regard, we wouldn’t be assisting these elements in making false accusations. The Darul Uloom Deoband declaration clearly explains that they setup an investigative committee to look into this issue. The committee, after reviewing the video tapes, concluded that there was no cash for fatwa exchange between mufti sahab and the reporters. The only scene where he is seen putting cash into his bag is for some books that were purchased. Furthermore, they mention that the news channel played the adhan in the background during the broadcast, when in fact this meeting took place at 10:30 AM. That only shows that they did not want the public to hear the conversation therefore falsely playing the adhan.

  4. Interesting how we believe the kuffar over the ulama-e-haqq. I would urge you to read Deoband’s response on their website before making any judgment.

  5. I was just kidding with my last comment.. I don’t have to pay to get craaazy fatwas.. I just have to submit a question to Islam.tc (Ibrahim Desai)


  6. As-Salamuilkuim

    Alhamdulilah, what level has this Ummah fallen too, when one of the last most credible Madrasas in all of this dunya is being “degraded” by this illeged action. Brother Azeem, please have some adab for the ‘Ulema. I ask you to retract your comments regarding Mufti Ibrahim Desai (DB), how can you slander the Ulema of Haqq. The Truth is clear and baatil is clear, accept the truth reject the evil.
    –Kuffar is the cancer, Islam is the answer–

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