Voting is permissible from Muslim Scholars across the various backgrounds and ideologies

Based on the current results of the recent poll I blogged: Did you vote on Election Day?, you can see majority said no. Most of my friends that didn’t vote said they were really busy and couldn’t. Only a few of them told me “It’s haram and leads to kufr”.

I think many of the people that voted ‘no’ may be confused on the Islamic ruling on voting in non-Muslim countries. So I have collected a bunch of articles that prove it from various Muslim scholars from different madhabs, manhajs, ideologies, backgrounds and countries:

Is Voting Permitted in Islam
Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam

Is it permissible to take part in non-Muslim governments with the intention of letting the Muslims have a voice in domestic and foreign politics?
An Objection to Voting – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Voting is coming up next year, Can we vote in Islam ? – Jamiatul Ulama

Is it permissible for Muslims to vote for kaafirs who seem to be less evil? – Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

Muslims, Islamic Law and Public Policy in the United States
Dr. Sherman A. Jackson

Leading Salafi Scholar Tells Muslims They Must Vote
Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad

Muslims in Politics
Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah

Voting for a Non-Muslim Candidate
Muslims’ Participation in US Elections
Sheikh Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti

Elections in non-Muslim Countries: Role of Muslims
European Council for Fatwa and Research

American Muslims: Faithful and Active Citizens
Taha Jabir Al-`Alawani & Muzammil Siddiqi

The Significance of Voting in the Light of the Sharî’âh
Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa

Scholars Smash Hizb Argument Against British Politics
Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid, Shaykh Suhaib Hasan, Shaykh Aurangzeb Khan, Shaykh Abdur Raheem Green, Dr. Musharraf Hussain, Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Shinqiti, Shaykh Taha Jabir al-Alwani, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Shaykh Salman Al Awdah, Mufti Ibrahim Desai, Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari, Shaykh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid, Shaykh Ahmad Kutty, Maulana Khalilul Rahman Sajjad Nomani Nadwi

Refuting the Argument Against Participation in American Politics
Haseeb Ahmed

One more thing: If you don’t vote, don’t complain!

13 Replies to “Voting is permissible from Muslim Scholars across the various backgrounds and ideologies”

  1. I am not opposed to voting in a general sense BUTT i really hate when people stand in the Masjid and start worsiphing some politican over another because while your in the masjid the only assistance you should be worried about is that from Allah (swt).. The main reason i will Insallah never vote is who says that Hypocrite “x” is better then Hypocrite “y”, What gurantee do you have for the person you are supporting.. For example the first time President Bush was elected he had the votes from many Muslims living in this country.. And i ask that did what other then bite us in the butt …If you say thats coincedence then the first time Hillary was running for senate she had taken a donation from Muslims and her opponenet accused her of using money from terrorists so what did she do.. What do you think she spit the money back in the face of the muslim lobyists…. For these and many other reasons i fall to disagree that voting has any forseen benifits to the muslims living in America… Voting in general is not a bad idea BUTT we have seen in the past and we will see for time to come that the only one who will change the conditions of the Muslims all over the world is Allah (swt) … And until we bring back the Yakin that it is Allah alone who puts people in power and Allah alone who gives strength then we willl suffer one after the other of bad reprsentatives of this beautiful country.. I am not fanatic Rasullaha (sws) himself was asked “how do we know when Allah is pleased” he replied Many things and one being a just leader. And the opposite was asked and among the other sighns of Allah(swt) being upset was that he will bring about unjust rulers.. Assalamaualkum

  2. As Salam ‘alaykum wa Rahamtullaah.

    It would be good if you included maybe a refutation of the issue of Voting is an act of Kufr…..

    I dotn knwo where to find one…but that seems liek a touchy issue.

    Allahu ‘Alim

  3. Ibn Al Hyderabadee on November 9, 2006 at 2:00 pm said:

    As Salam ‘alaykum wa Rahamtullaah.

    It would be good if you included maybe a refutation of the issue of Voting is an act of Kufr…..

    I dotn knwo where to find one…but that seems liek a touchy issue.

    Allahu ‘Alim

    I think a few of the links above refutes that.

    To “Unkown”:

    You have some good points about voting in general. I personally support local elections for voting, especially areas where Muslims are in the majority, for example many ares in Queens and Brooklyn and other parts of New York, where if there was elected representative that was Muslim. Why is this good? Well I’m not sure if you know this, but there a couple masjids that were closed down, because they failed NYC regulations and rules. If we had a Muslim rep. in that area, the Masjid would still be up, because the rep could give the masjid some time to fix the problem instead of closing it down right away or even amend the regulations fitting for the masjid.

    Since Daw’ah is big in the US, there are many Muslims converts. The Muslim population will be growing. Soon we will be a majority in many ares of the country, so we need representation on a local and state level.

    I doubt we can get to the federal and national level anytime soon, but the local government is very important.

  4. Uknown, I definitely agree with what you are saying, however look at what happened with this election! Bush has already sacked Rumsfeld, the same guy who was gloating about “shock and awe” in the early days of the war. Look at how Rumsfeld, who once was so full of himself, has now been so utterly humiliated. You think this would have happened if the republicans had won? Everyone agrees that the democrats’ victory is a slap in the face for bush. It may change the way bush does things. Of course it may not change anything, bush may stay stubborn and the democrats may not be much better than the republicans. But if the republicans had retained control then we all know that it is highly improbable that anything would have changed at all. So far democrats have stated their agenda for their first 100 hours in office: they want to keep the middle class tax cut, eliminate tax cuts for the rich, provide middle class families with relief for college tuition, raise the minimum wage, lower drug prices for medicare patients, and cut interest rates for student loans. These are all good things! I’m not saying that they will necessarily succeed, but hey it’s more than the republicans were offering. Who knows, maybe the dems can even do something about this patriot act. There was an interesting interview of congresswoman Nancy Pelosi on “abc world news tonight with charles gibson” yesterday. Representative Pelosi (presumed to be the next house speaker) was saying how the iraq war is causing more enemies over there and that the united states needs to get out. That’s something really refreshing to hear from someone in such a high political position. I’m not saying I’m a democrat or even a big fan of democrats because I am not. For the most part politicians are crooked, dishonest, corrupt and only in office for themselves, but at least now there is a chance that the next two years will be a change from the past six years. I live here in virginia and I am glad that I and many other muslims here came out and voted for democrats, the senate race turned out to be a pivotal one and I’m glad muslims did their part here to try and change things for the better, both for this country and for this world. Again, I am not saying that the democrats are all pure and good and that they will definitely do good things. Indeed, Allah subhana wa ta alaa has power over all things and we must turn to Him for help, but at least we can exert effort and do our part to make things better for humanity.

  5. Shaykh ul islam-lol 🙂 sorry had to point that out! i did vote in presidential election but yesterday i got lazy + doubts about whether its allowed-inshaAllah next time.
    p.s. nobody goes to extreme of saying ‘it leads to kufr’ stop exaggerating 🙂

  6. got lazy?

    if Faso got elected he wouldve made sure all of you beard-wearing and hijab-covering Muslims would be racially profiled wherever u go. (Thank God we elected Spitzer who is anti-Racial Profiling). And inshallah the democrats will end this Iraq war once and for all.

    Dont make the excuse of being lazy. Dont take your rights for granted, that is beyond un-American, but un-Islamic. Allah (swt) has warned us in the Quran that he can easily take away anything we have from us, including our liberties and freedom.

  7. as Salaam ‘alaykum wa Rahamtullaah

    shab –

    “p.s. nobody goes to extreme of saying ‘it leads to kufr’ stop exaggerating”

    actually there are a few that do ….. do they have support from past scholars? … perhaps ….. but the issue of voting is a fairly new issue, requires new ijtihaad and i think majority of the scholars have allowed it if im not mistaken and as ‘Amir pointed out above, but there is a decent number that has said it’s haraam and there are a few that have said that it can constitute kufr. personally find cair/mpac on one extreme of things, and then the others with khariji type ideology on the other extreme. Its an issue in siyasa shar’iyya therefore you are probably bound with ambiguity in tis ruling, possibly infinite opinions could exist.

    anyway i didnt vote, I attended a Dinner invitation with Nicholas Lampson(D), District 22 replacing Tom Delay. Mostly heard him speak and answer butt-kissing questions from others, cool guy, but dont knwo him well enough to vote for him. I dotn have the right to vote yet….might soon.

    Allahu ‘Alim
    Allahu ‘alim

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