16 Replies to “Native Deen – Small Deeds [Video]”

  1. Mashallahhh!! that was proper gangster…and halal!!

    i hope ND do more videos inshallah, they wouldnt just be entertainment as most nasheed videos are nowadays, i could see them helping A LOT of youth…inshallah khayr…

    and hey..the uncle at the end asking for money looked a lot like Yusuf Estes…? [ with a big and whiter beard ]

  2. im pretty sure theyre performing tomorrow at ADAMS center in VA and also on the 14th at an interfaith event in DC. cool stuff.

  3. snoop~ did u mean the whole set up of native deen walkin/rappin at the same time seemed fresh prince like?
    …also ur use of the word twat suggests ur british? i cant see an american using it!

  4. Salaamz
    I think they cudv done a better video to it, Sumfin a lil more Islamic related.. That don’t show too much of um!

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