If you don’t have your student ID with you be prepared to be abused by UCLA UCPD with a tazer!

Really sad. Disappointing. Some over-abusing UCLA UCPD officers used a taser gun to abuse a Muslim student who didn’t have his student ID with him in the library. Thank Allah for video technology on cell phones, because another student caught it all on video. At the end the cops threaten to use the taser gun on them.

Here is the video:

News articles about it:
Video Shows UCLA Police Using Stun Gun On Student [NBC News]
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  1. Hey! Alhamdulilah my friend and I, who live in California, created a group on facebook just to raise more awareness on this issue as I learnt about what unfolded at the campus of UCLA on the night of November 14th. I seriously found it quite disturbing and our brother was clearly in pain (for almost the entire of what was shot in the video).

    I just hope the UC system can somehow pay him back for whatver he lost that day..mentally/physically/etc.

    The bigger of a deal we make it now and the more lettres we write, the less of a chance that this sort of thing can happen in the future, inshaAllah.

  2. That is really really scary. And disgusting.
    I’ve heard of other cases like this as well, which is the REALLY sad part. But actually watching it and hearing it, was too much to handle. Allah swt protect us all, and most of all may He protect our iman.

  3. …wow… This really puts one’s mind and faith in perspective. And yes, more things like this and worse continue happening here and all around the world. It leaves a feeling of sadness in our hearts, and chills on our skin. This is a time when we must kneel before God and ask for His Guidance and His Mercy. Surely, we are most closest to God when we are in knelt position of prayer. FeeAmanullah.

  4. Allahu alim but if it was a white guy they would probably do the same thing…I mean if he was being dumb and not showing ID or leaving then what? I am not saying they used the best course of action by stunning him but still…

  5. anyways.. i think im convinced in getting myself a vide camera phone. You’ll never know if you’ll see a muslim or anyone getting abused by authorities.

  6. This is so unbelievable. I went to college from 2000 to 2004 and I never had any anti-Muslim sentiment directed towards me, and this also included three years of college after September 11, 2001. It just goes to show how the Muslims are ever-increasingly becoming the target of such actions, not just by Christians and Jews, but also by Hindus/Buddhists etc. Maybe Taalibah Al Ilm has a point.

    Seeing the guards dragging our Muslim brother towards the end of the video is awful to see. May Allah give him and all Muslims the strength to fight against such anti-Muslim sentiments, inshAllah. I also hope the student gets monetarily compensated for the unjust actions of the security officials.


  7. Also, I wonder if the guards actually tazered the Muslim student because they actually thought that he was a threat to safety as a potential Muslim “terrorist” or just so they could abuse a Muslim?

  8. Guys

    Make sure you take these cops to the cleaners. Make them lose their jobs and prosecute them. Man if that happened in England (hey bad stuff DOES happen here too) but if it did the student would have an excellent case of abuse of power, i think you would too. In any decent country you could take these trigger happy disgusting cops and make them account for their abuse.

    Truly shaytan is the freind of the lazy Muslim. DO NOT leave this be. I wish you success in your task to defend your right. Ameen.

  9. subhannallah….subhannallah…

    this is so shocking, disgusting, extremely sad.

    What happened to the ‘land of the free’?

    May Allah grant that brother and his family and friends strength to deal with the test -May Allah grant the muslim ummah strength and unity to deal with the increasing crises emerging against muslims on all sides.

    the fact that they’d do this to any human, treat anybody like this, whether muslim or not is so so sad…

  10. Kamangir on November 16, 2006 at 8:14 pm said:

    Please do not relate this to irrelevant issues. How do you know he has been Muslim? What if he was a Jew? Would there be any difference?

    IMO, the brother was unnecessarily treated. True, he may have been uncooperative, but it still gives the campus guards no right to tazer the brother simply because he did not have his I.D. Moreover, after tazering him, the guards demanded he get up even though it was most likely impossible for him to do so. To me, this appears to be yet another prejudiced act against a Muslim living in the West. I do not know if it would be any more different if the person was a Jew. However, the fact remains that these sort of things are happening more-and-more to Muslims.


  11. This is so messed up. I think the police in this country has a lot of power and any cop can misuse it at any time. He may be punished for it, but what has been done to the victim can not be taken back.

  12. Yeah, I agree…what they did to that guy can’t be taken back and it’s going to live with him as long as he lives. Whenever he sees a cop do anything out of the ordinary whether it’s right or wrong, this guy is going to think about that day when he was abused. There is nothing anyone can do to change that.

    This is what these so called cops do. They try to instill a ‘fear’ inside of you, especially to minorities. It’s thier “hustle”.

    ‘Fear no one, but Allah’, remember that!

  13. Subhanallah, it hurts to see another person being abused like that. Gives you an idea what these dogs are doing in AbuGhraib and Guantanamo. Allah swt always deals with them, may be not today but in the future most of these cops die from Cancer, Long Term Ilness.

    Police in Arab countries do similar if not worse. In Algeria back in the 90’s, you would have been killed for having a beard.

  14. Yeah…It is probably worse for the brothers in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. May Allah swt make it easy for them.

  15. Such torture for a simple ID, they cant do that…i didnt see the video, but im sure its for HEAVY DUTY SECURITY purposes…has crime gone up there. Why do others have to suffer for the actions of some. Sad

  16. Astaghfirullah, I just saw the video..it was too much to handle, hearing the bro in pain, was difficult, and none of the students even trying to do anything to protect him? May Allah protect the Muslim ummah from injustice. Ameen.

  17. Hey, even if they “tried” to protect the brother….the same thing would happen to them…and NOBODY wants to get tazered 😐
    this left me speachLESS.
    He’s black AND muslim….dang, thats most def. the hardest thing …

  18. my bad…he’s iranian..still doesnt make a dif.
    its cruel & evil. end of discussion!
    iA, in the near futur, i hope they(the cops) find islam…. before they die.

    This is like a drop of water in the sea, if u were to compare this to the acts that have been committed in Afghanistan, Irak, Iran, Guantanamo(i could go on)…its almost nothing.
    none the less,may Allah make this stuggle easy on the brother aswell as all the muslims sufferring around the world.

  19. I am glad to hear everyone’s opinion on this incident that occured and I agree that we should make it as big of an issue so that it does not happen again. I understand that this could be an act against the victim’s race or religious background but we also should remind ourselves that this is an “abuse of power” as many of you heard him shout in the video sadly. The reason why one may feel disturbed, sick, or disgusted is because we are seeing injustice occuring through brutal force which is what healthy human beings should feel. Hopefully justice will be served and whatever does not kill you will only make you stronger. Thanks.

  20. haha, i thought this to be very funny! The guy didn’t comply with comands from Law Enforcement so he got what was coming to him. If he would have gotten up and complied with what the police wanted him to do he wouldn’t have been tazed several times. Screaming doesn’t make anything cruel and unusual punishment. People are so flippin dumb to say that this was an act of racism and an act against muslims. haha, this just makes me laugh more. I hope people are really not this stupid in california.

  21. VW, maybe you need to get tazeres 5 or 6 times for me to laugh at you. Idiots like you just don’t get it do you? When was the last time you saw a white man being treated like this? Uh..never.

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