Napoleon from 2 Pac’s Outlawz talks about his path to Islam

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  1. Mashallah really enlightning.. Puts into prespective your own values… And if theres one thing we should learn is make sure that we as muslims shouldnt look down to any person wheter he is the worst Non-Muslim or not Allah is the turner of hearts its always enlightning to see what these converts come with what type of Love and Passion they have for the deen may Allah instill this same love in the hearts of the Ummah ( who really do take the dinn for granted !!) and like he said If you really wanna show your support for Prophet (sws) then follow his sunnah ranting and raving in front of embassys really does nothing protest in front of Allah (swt) at night because his doors are open … If you go to the white house youll find theres closed but Allah (swt) waits for the servents to come and beg from him.. May Allah grant this brother Jannah

  2. Thats sick still, i feel sorry for his bro though., he caused suicide so now he is gonna have to die by his suicidle dicisions, so sad, but so happy that he found the Path of Islam inshallah

  3. wow, mashallah his speech was so inspiring … i hope all the little gangster wannabes watch this

    does he have a website?

  4. so he’s not rapping at all anymore?
    cuz i know two brothers, who rap, and they call themselves Aman, and they introduced me and my bro to Napoleon’s recent “muslim rap”. they did a few songs together also. So is he not doing that anymore either? cuz i know that had music in the background etc.. or is he still doing that, but just staying away from his gangsta/outlaw days?


    his official site is:

    “Napoleon’s solo debut album, Have Mercy, was due out this year. It features Jon B and Sticky Fingaz. It has been completed but will not be released, and Napoleon has completely retired from music. He lived in Abu Dhabi for three or four months while requesting permanent residency in Saudi Arabia. He is now back to the United States. He had a minor hit called Never Forget featuring Val Young and Johnny J. Johnny J produced the song as well.”

  6. Napoleon hongera kwa kufundisha Dini, watu wengi duniani wanapata tabu kuelewa wajibu..wewe ni mtu muhimu kuongoza jahazi….

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