Aladdin in Arabic – Amir Ali (Prince Ali)

Shout out to Ramy who showed me this video. I laughed and enjoyed it. I wish my parents showed me Disney movies in Arabic so I would be able to speak it by now, haha.

Also check out the Lion King in Arabic.

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  1. Hate to burst your bubble but, watching disney movies in Arabic wont cause a child to learn ‘Arabic. But they’ll probaly somehow learn the songs words. You need humans to teach language to kids. TV/Radio just won’t work. But for adults it is useful. Keep me in your du’aa.

  2. i had to stop it at the song, cuz of the music. however, not only was it arabic.. it was egyptian arabic šŸ™‚ “Eh da?!” lol while i was in egypt in the summers growing up.. i used to watch tamone and pumba in arabic… good stuff man..

  3. lhonestly, my dear brother in Islam. There are differences of opinions with regard to your question.. and there are different aspects that need to be looked at. however, My honest advise to you right now since (Alhamdulillah!) you recently reverted.. there are a lot more necessary things to learn…

    I have a lot of friends that have just reverted, and that Advice goes to them too.. and honestly at this point things can get overwhelming because you feel like you have a billion things to learn..

    Focus on praying for now.. how to do it the correct and authentic way.. and how to make ablution the correct way.. and then start by reading more about the prophets of Islam…. etc.

    if you have questions thats great ask as many and whatever you want. but sometimes the one you ask has to determine if that would be beneficial for you to learn right now.. or to wait a couple of months…..

    I hope that made sense.

    wallahu alem…

  4. This is movie is the biggest orientalist portrayal of Muslims and Arabs in the world….all it does is promote stereotypes of Muslims/Arabs…I wouldnt show this crap to my kids in a million years…

  5. Actually your right, It would have helped you learn. I have read of how to learn arabic books and I read the dummies version and they said to watch movies and listen to arabic music will help. I realized it helps because you recognize the words by remembering what they were talking about from watching it so much as a kid. I bought Beauty and the beast in Arabic and It was pretty amazing how it helped made the connection.

  6. Sorry to tell you Ali, all Disney movies are pretty horrible with stereotypes, I’m American but learning arabic, and its pretty frustrating to learn, but for example the Disney movie Pochahontas does a horrible job of portraying indians and early American settlers as well as completely slaughtering the history of the story, so I guess you just gotta enjoy the movie for what it is.

    A) you didn’t answer the dude’s question. He asked is it Haram, and u babbled on and started talking about reversion (Which is a very funny word that you guys like to use instead of conversion…and yes I know that all people are born muslim and they then revert to other religions cause of their parents which is complete BS…lol)

    b) Ayoub…it sucks for you that u reverted or converted or whatever.

    c) From a strict Islamic point of view, Yes, there are many things in the movie aladdin that are Haram. Jasmine is not wearing a vail but a skimpy outfit not just showing her face but her sholder (a big no no in Islam). Also Jasmine is allowed to pick her own husband…since when does Islam allow that either. and there are many others…

    d) The only reason EGYPTIAN GUMBO didn’t really respond to ur question directly, is because he didn’t wanna tell u that Aladdin is Haram since it is such a good movie (that he was trying to watch when he found this link).

    e) Dont u think that a religion that renders a children’s movie to be haram is a full of crap.

    Have fun responding to this comment…I put down an email that I never check so I will never see your responses so if I was you, I would save my breath ( or my fingers since we are typing the comments)

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