Dawud Wharnsby Ali – Midnight

This is probably the first Muslim music video that I have seen that looks like it was on MTV or VH1 (or MuchMusic for the Canadians). From my understanding of the video, the white guy wants to convert to Islam, but his girl doesn’t want to and is mad he is. It looks like in the end, he leaves her. Deep message.

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  1. I love it whenever there is a discussion on music in islam, there is always someone who will say that all scholars in islam denuonce music as haraam, when it is the view of one school only.
    i also love it when in such a duscussion people say how wonderful the effort is, and then says how the whole thing was wrong.
    dont you just love how muslims in america are able to say two things at once? masha allah. i love everyone, theyre all so kind, if only they werent so unkind, maybe they should just tone that down a little, like all of it.

  2. salams, May allah bless Dawud for all of his hard work and give him strength to continue and spread the message of Islam. Ameen

  3. I applaud Dawud Wharnsby Ali for this video. While I realize there are many aspects of the video a lot of people agree with, I feel this movie reaches out not only to non-Muslims, but also more modern-day Muslims living amongst non-Muslims, and just even humans in general. I was able to relate more to this video of searching for knowledge in this world than other videos of women wearing hijab and bending over a Quran. I try to also find knowledge by looking at the way the world works, not JUST in prescribed means.

    “The woman is wearing inappropriate clothing”. Well, my fellow Muslim brothers and sister– I’m sure grateful for the clothing she wore. Look at the world around you; there is far worse. If you actually take this into perspective, she looked like a pretty modest compared to others. I’m sure had she been wearing a baggy t-shirt and baggy jeans, those who were complaining about her clothes now would have been complaining that she had been wearing a t-shirt. There would just never be the end of it until she had on a hijab and an over-sized overcoat with a train– and no flashy material, either!! 😉

    I suggest people look at the deeper meaning of the video instead of the little things. If we pester over the meaningless details, we’ll get nowhere. If we look at the message, just perhaps we might achieve some knowledge and become closer to Allah. So please…. before you nitpick with all your “rules”, think a little deeper.

  4. I loved this video a long time ago, and i still love it today, its soo beautiful and while i was browsing through the net looking at diff vids, when i came across this one, it actually reminded me of Allah, so doesnt it get a brownie point at least for that?

    the girl in it is NOT inappropriately dressed. she is totally covered,except for her hair.. and she’s not wearing blings and designer clothing, i didnt see her boobs and bum sticking out and she didnt have billion layers of makeup on like the girls do in the arab world today,
    so i say she’s pretty decent

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