Imam Suhaib Webb lecture at the UK conference GPU 2006

ALLAH HU AKBAR! I love Imam Suhaib Webb! This is an amazing lecture! Wallahi, wallahi, watch this when you have free time.

9 Replies to “Imam Suhaib Webb lecture at the UK conference GPU 2006”

  1. Fantastic talk. I really enjoyed listening to this brother. His talk was down to earth and he highlighted the real problems facing people today.

  2. Good talk ma’shAllah. SubhanAllah people are so much more receptive to singers rather than scholars. Too many muslims these days seem to get so much more exicted about singers rather than scholars. This is something Imam Suhaib Webb was referring to in this video.

  3. Allahu Akbar…….
    thats why you took your post about almaghrib and sunnipath. May Allah swt give us taufeeq to implement these reminders.

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