13 Replies to “Hugo Chavez: “Bush, you are a donkey!””

  1. Chavez is the man. Remember when he came to NY for the UN summit and called Bush the Devil?

    We need more people who are not afraid to speak out against the wrong that the US and Israel are doing in this world without labelling them as ‘terrorists’ or fanatics!

  2. Subhan Allah! Where are the Muslim leaders saying this! If a non-Muslim who has really nothing to gain can stand (well, sit) and speak the truth in such a manner, were are the leaders of the countries that’re being raped and pillaged!

  3. LOL “You are the last(worst)”…Chavez says what the majority of the Americans think, but don’t have the guts to say.

  4. jazak allah kear for that,
    Chavez is da man, i hope our araib leaders will speek like that one day ( that will be never) our araib , muslim leaders are the pets of BUSH so we wouldnt expect any thing like chavez of them their uslis
    any way jazak allah kaer for dat it made me smile

  5. You know Venezuela would love to take over Guyana right? They have been forever trying to claim about 2/3 of Guyana as their own.

  6. Salam,
    talkin about bush, i found this interesting video on http://www.google.com and type in “illuminati-1” the first video u see should be it. idk if u want to post it on your website but it would be pretty cool to see what ppl have to say.
    the continuation is “Illuminati-2”
    k, Salam

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