16 Replies to “Outlandish to perform at RIS 5 Entertainment Session!”

  1. now this takes the real mick.

    although thats a kinda surprising choice of artist to be at RIS… ISNA maybe.. but RIS? … still.. it takes the mick lol.

  2. aashiq ul rasool are a brilliant nasheed group mashallah..and coz most of their nasheeds if not all revolve around the Beloved Rasool, they will fit right in with the topic!! ..

    and Nazeel is goin too? subhannallah that brother has raised his profile in very few months, mashallah a very modest akhi.

    my heart is there inshallah.. though my soul will be at home studying 🙁

  3. jokes!

    Ppl really show up their ‘lust’ and they dont seem to be embarressed…hmmm
    wots the world coming to.

    Overall, these guys are very into the music, but thet do cover good topics at times, but I might be wrong, cos I dont really know them at all.:) Alhamdulila

  4. Salaam Alaikum.

    Outlandish are awesome live. They’re actually awesome in general.
    Their music especially the latest album “Closer Than Veins” has a lot to do with Islam and how we should be as muslims – even the title is reffering to a passage in the Quran (50:16).

  5. For your own good, I hope you can’t make it. And I mean this sincerely because I love you for the sake of Allah.

  6. Assalam!

    omygosh i cant wait..gnna be a sickk show
    ashiq al rasul is gnna be performin as well!!
    Im so excited!

    only 9 more days left InshAllah


  7. OUTLANDISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Damn thats totally unfair 🙁 I really want to see them live. Man thoose actually rule. Isam and Waqas make the band. Look in to my eyes is so mazing.

  8. Alhamdulillah, RIS is always a smashing success! I just wish they would not have this type (insturmental) of entertainment. I respect Outlandish very much and thank Allah for the success of muslims, but I hope, inshaAllah, that they do not use insturments while performing. I have heard them without and mashAllah they are good. I remember walking out on the Sami Yusuf concert back in 2004 cuz o’ that 🙁

  9. Salamz,

    i dont really feel that there is anything bad bout using instruments in nasheeds aslong as they have an islamic meanign and doesnt bring a person closer to wrong, outlandish and sami yusuf manage to do that they bring an islamic message just in a different way and i feel that they are way great

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