“Please no screaming, no screaming” – Yusuf Islam at the GPU 2006 UK Conference

Yusuf Islam spoke really well at the GPU 2006 conference in the UK. This conference is looking good right now, with an amazing lecture by Imam Suhaib Webb and Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s lecture. I thought it was funny in a good way how Yusuf Islam told the audience to control there voices at the end.

Thanks to ‘stranger’ who commented the YouTube link to this video in another post.

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Well, as I was watching this clip, my 6 and 9 year old sons said to me…”Doesn’t that man know that music is haram?”….Out of the mouths of babes! Well, he said clearly that “now” he follows a school of thought that allows musical instruments, I don’t know, it was nothing wonderful anyway, I have heard better, more touching nasheeds that use only voices. Personally, I would rather avoid music to be on the safe side. But Allah knows best.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful. That is what we need to see more of – Yusuf Estes ring armed with his dear brother Yusuf Islam. Yusuf Estes’ approach with musical instruments is one opinion, and Yusuf Islams is clearly the opposite – BUT they still love each other and work together to spread Islam and tawheed in the world.

    I implore you, MR, to quit the labeling games that sometimes you take part in. I’m really proud of you for posting up speeches by different speakers – Shaykh Hamza, Imam Suhaib, and Shaykh Yasir – this shows real maturity in your vision and thoughts.

    We may have different thoughts, we may have different ways of attaining Jannah – but in the end, we all sincerely want it, and as long as we’re following the Quran and our beloved Prophet[saw], insha Allah we’ll all see each other there.


  3. hmm, I am not of the guitar opinion, but if it falls within the sunni scope, then I am not against it either, but I gotta say, I find the guitar soooooooooo boring.[totally not my taste]

  4. i was helping out in this event it was great!!! even though i dint agree with yusuf islam , the event it self was great!!!!

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