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Lupe Fiasco keeps it real

  • Author: MR
  • Filed under: Hip Hop, Islam
  • Date: Dec 18,2006 | 12:57 PM

lupefiasco.jpgMuch respect to brother Lupe Fiasco. I was reading a short biography on his AOL music session and he said:

Lupe maintains a firm grip on all matters relating to his career, something that can be directly attributed to his complete abstinence from all forms of drugs and alcohol, in accordance with his Muslim faith.

“It seperates you from the pack,” he says of his drug-free lifestyle. “I’ve never drank alcohol a day in my life. I’ve never taken any form of drugs. I don’t go to clubs unless I have to. Even with my entourage — we’ll do a show at a club, they’ll take me to the hotel and go back [to the club]. But everyone has their vices. I have mine.”

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