14 Replies to “I am back!”

  1. welcome back…we missed you. alhamdulilah you got back safely….see you soon, i am at work. hope you learn a lot and you are not a meanie to your sister anymore.

  2. MR as always it was awesome seeing you … glad u had a chance to meet Noora πŸ™‚ Red Lobster was good times!

  3. Yo, I saw you at the KR didn’t introduce myself but nice seeing you. Looking forward to your next post.
    By the way you got a killer beard.

  4. Assalam,
    lol i saw yu at RIS as well; i was gnna say hi..but i didnt
    man im still sufferin from PCSS (post conference stress syndrome) ..i heard tht the KR was prettyy sickk; i missed out on it tho πŸ™
    Inshallah i’ll be able to go next year!


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