ALIM Winter Program 2007 in NYC – Jan 12-15 – Dr. Abdul Hakim Jackson

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  1. they have the schedule and the program description. This should be intense.



    This year’s Winter Program will be a critical overview and analysis of the historic development of Islamic Intellectual Thought. The broad and diverse issues that captured the attention of the Muslim community after the death of the Prophet (SAW) will be examined with the purpose of deriving valuable lessons for Muslims living in the Post-Modern world. This course is an interactive format and students will be free to question and encouraged to participate in the discussion.

    In order to fully grasp the concepts that will be covered, ALIM will explore these issues through the subjects of :
    – Islamic Theology
    – Islamic Philosophy
    – Early Shisms
    – Sufism
    – Islam and Modernity

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  2. Salaam,
    MR can you post your notes like you did for RIS, please? At least about Sufism and Shi’ism.

    Jazaks, inshaa Allah you will benefit greatly. Ameen. =)

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