Where is the Snow!?!

It’s Jan. 5, 2007 in New York and we haven’t received any snow yet. Not even one snowflake! This is the first time in history this has happened. FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!

This has to be a sign from God!

(Watch we get a blizzard next week…haha)

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  1. whats even odder is that it was 11 degrees today in CANADA !! Usually our Januaray winters are brutal …. and we dont have snow either

  2. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    While we wait for the snow I would like to turn your attention to what is going on in the UK. It is very intersting because the passage of the Gay Law is troubling even the Church of England. The legistlature being considered to satisfy the EU would allow the gay population access to church, synagogue, and mosques. If a gay person wants to hold a wedding in a church the legislature under debate would make it mandatory for the church to allow access.
    This will effect the Muslim popluation in the UK. It is important that we assist our fellow brothers and sisters in the UK, such that they have the ability to pray in a scantified place, under the law of the Sharia.
    The debate is in place and at this time is seems of no consequence.
    Even el nino follows the dictates of Allah.
    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.

  3. I live in SoCal and it’s colder than ever here. We actually had to turn on the heaters!!! My dad’s never had such high electricity bills. (As we speak, I’m rubbing my arms in a desperate attempt to get warm).

  4. Yes a sign from Allah that if we strip away our crippling dependences on oil/electricity future generations living here on Earth will not have a pleasant experience. Surprisingly, many Christian Conservatives are pro-Earth and anti-global warming, a stance I would love to see in Islam.

  5. i think its me… i moved from houston this year and i whined and cried about the impending freezing weather that i was to face. And Allah seems to have brought a taste of houston to jersey with me. To be honest, I dont mind a bit of snow… i was looking forward to a real winter for my kids, perhaps some skiing…

    As for oil… hold ur horses folks… I work in the oil industry, and the bad weather is hurting us the most since heating oil is not being consumed… Global warming maybe, huh?

  6. how about this for delaware… i think the weather is gonna change and really get bitter cold… then we will all whine about how cold it is:

    Jan 15
    Snow Shower

  7. All the snow went to Albuquerque! Who knew the sunny southwest would get so much snow. The snow was knee deep and d we’re supposed to be a dessert. What’s better is that the city was almost completely shut down for a week. More snow is forecasted for this weekend.

  8. you know what’s really weird also, in muslim countries it is like mad cold, in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia.

    In certain parts of Saudi Arabia, the temp went to -4 DEG, I couldnt believe it.

    And I think it is the global warning and the hadeeth that at the end of times, what used to be a desert will be green and what was green would turn into a desert.

  9. I am living in Finland and we here should have here like 1.5 m snow and 20-30 degrees cold but it´s 1-2 degrees warm in here now and no snow. I saw 2-3 cm snow in december in Northest Finland but this is nut weather…

  10. Salam…
    I’m had to go through 2 years of snow storm and cold feet from october till march (sometime april) in Russia…now all of a sudden there’s no snow..and all of us were like wondering IF there’s gonna be a snow storm it will be HUGE and all of us are just waiting for that time (just so that they will cancel our classes and lectures)..now that there are no snow…. I miss them..snow angel…snowball fight..sigh..never know you gonna miss them till they gone

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