6 Replies to “Ummah Films – Arrogant People”

  1. hahah that poop comment was soo funny and so true.

    I think people like Kanye West should reflect on what Baba Ali is saying … including us Muslims too 🙂

  2. One should not even think himself better than those who go out to clubs and drink. It was by Allah’s will this happened and Allah can reverse it just as easily. Remember that Sayida Omar bin Khattab (May Allah be please with him) was beloved to Allah even when he was worshiping idols.

    the face! soo true.
    This is why i’m anti popped collars too lol
    And some people try to make jokes about it like “tssssttt damn i’m hot” and try to play it off as a joke, but they do it so often, that it’s obvious it’s not.
    But it’s really hard to be humble the way we all should be. It’s something I have to try really hard to do. It’s easy to become proud and not even realize. AstaghfirAllah, let us all always be fully aware of the condition of our hearts and continuously renew our niyahs.

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