Salafi Scholars take a heavy blow in the UK

Allah knows best, but in my opinion, these scholars really need to watch what they say. It’s pretty sad and crazy that the UK media went really deep into these masjids and talking with these scholars with secret cameras. That is ridiculous! Some of the quotes were taken clearly out of context, especially what Shaykh Khalid Yasin said. The other scholars, like Abu Usamah need to be more clear or say it differently then the way they he said it. He responded to this documentary. The video is at the end of this post. Watch the documentary and see for yourself.

Dispatches: Undercover Mosque

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Abu Usamah’s Response

This is a clear sign from Allah that Muslim Scholars in Europe and North America really have to be careful of what they say or else any little misunderstanding can create a whole documentary on that and generate more hatred from the non-Muslims and Islam. I was looking at the comments on YouTube for each video and it made me really sad. Allah knows best, inshaAllah!

May Allah (swt) forgive us all and protect us from fitna. Ameen!

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  1. MashaAllah look at his bio. He learned from the likes of SH. Uthaymeen(ra). May Allah protect and preserve him. But we want the western media to tell us how we should view our own shuyookh…

    Abu Usamah (born March 4, 1964) is one of the main Imams at Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham, England.

    Abu Usamah, Khalifah At-Thahabi was born in Paterson, New Jersey, the youngest of 5 children. He was raised in the hard-knock projects of Paterson until his family moved out to the better part of Passaic, New Jersey.

    He converted to Islam in 1986 and applied to attend the University of Madinah as was the practice of many new, eager converts to Islam at that time.

    He successfully completed his Bsc in Usool-Ul-Fiq and mastered the Arabic language. He had changed his non-muslim name to his more well-known Islamic name after his conversion. He was initially known as Khalifah, Abdur Rahman but with the birth of his first son he took on the title of Abu Usamah (Father of Usamah) and attached the last name of At-Thahabi as a reference to the Imam Ad-Dhahabi and on the advice of a Shaytk in Madinah. At -Thahabi means Of Gold.

    After his graduation from the University, Abu Usamah traveled with Sh Ibn Uthaymeen and went to teach in the UK before returning to the US in 1996 in order to pursue his first position of Imam in Orlando, Florida. He left there in 1999 to be the Imam of a fast-growing Salafee community in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    He left Philadelphia in 2001. He had a brief stint in Cleveland, Ohio, and ended his time as an Imam in the US with the position of Imam at the Islamic Center of Peoria in Peoria, Illinois.

    Abu Usamah found a new home in the UK, and became one of the Imams at Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, UK.

  2. I noticed no body seemed to take exception with the comments about jews and christians. They were described as the vilest of creatures which comes from the quran. they are dirty and to be despised and your children should not play with unbelievers children.

    Why is it that some muslims cant as luqman suggested object or condemn evil words and actions. Usama is a racist jerk, who propagates hatred and violence. You had that dear old man saying such vile things and you all worry about the unity of muslims and as usual blame it on the western conspiracy.

    the colonialist/imperialist label you place on the west is a mirror image of the spread of islam throughout the world. You must speak arabic, and pray facing mecca. You praise arab customs, and only expect spound muslim education in saudi arabia. By doing these things you dont deny the white culture, you deny the culture of all races and their history.

    The headline for these videos should have been Islam takes a hit, and so does the world. but MR and the rest of you obviously dont see the forest for the trees.

    Open your eyes and embrace universal values of freedom. Muslims who wish to live in democracys while living a lifestyle that is considered righteous according to the dictates of shariah should look to the amish in north america as an example.

    This desire to impose islamic values on the rest of us, is what is getting you in trouble. isnt that obvious!

  3. Wow….very interesting comments, from left to right and a few in the centre.

    Funny how Salman Rushdie is honoured but most importantly protected for his blasphemy because the right of FREEDOM of speech/expression must be preserved at any cost. This right includes insulting others with distasteful remarks or even lies.

    Point is, its a RIGHT which everyone must feel free to use.

    When its directed at Muslims, it MUST be preserved and defended.

    When its used by certain muslims i.e. Some of the “hate” from the people in the video documentary – it must be condemnded instantly and thoroughly. Yes the difference is, their (the people on the video) hate may incite violence etc but even the non-violent stuff MUST be shunned and condemnded.

    Muslims cannot be a part of the same game, cannot play the same cards as the non-muslims when it comes to abusing Freedom of speech and expression. They will be shunned, condemned and their religion disparaged as usual, regardless of how closely they follow their religion or are to it when it comes to their utterances.

    My view? WHY offend people, especially deliberatly and knowingly? Why not live in peace, promote your own views but dont insult others. Ever heard of contructive criticism? Can be done without insulting. Afterall that is how atheists and leading God-believing scholars debate. They dont bash each other by saying “You dont believe in God?! you foolish piece of $%£$”$&! [fill in the gap with as much filth as your heart desires and produces]”

  4. It’s so interesting how the film was cut up and doctored over a period of time. Why didn’t they run the film non-stop and present the whole lecture in entirety so that the listeners decide for themselves whether there was distortion?

    What does our religion say about homosexuality? What is the shariah (Quran and Sunnah) found in how adulterers and people found caught in homosexual acts are treated in countries that rule by the shariah?

    So if anyone speaks out about the facts from the Sunnah that things are not allowed in Islaam that now they have to worry about people filming/recording the information and twisting and distorting what the lecturer is saying?

  5. Also, there were no Salfi Scholars present. There may, on the other hand ,have been people who claimed Salafiyyah “Students of Knowledge” who were amongst other people on the panel who in fact were clearly not on the minhaj and not recognized by the scholars of having authority to give da’wah and call to As-Salafiyyah.

    So what they did a tele-link where they had a Salfi Scholar give a talk. It wasn’t the information given by the Scholars that was criticized. It was information of the speakers on the panel that were criticized and they had to defend themselves. The most ignorant amongst them was arrested and he claimed that he was just teaching what he learned overseas from the scholars. What Scholars were these? How dare he lie upon the Scholars!

  6. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Allahu Musta’aan. Listening to Abu Usamah’s speech he has no strong basis in Da’wah As Salafeeyah. Speaking well of Usama Ibn Laadin who is a Kharijee mercenary especially and the Prophet (Salallahu Alaihi wa sallam) said: “If I were alive I would massacre them like the people of ‘Aad.” And they are the worst of those who are killed.

    Secondly, his call for Shari’ah law represents his orientation from the Ikhwaan Al Muslimeen especially Sayyid Qutb. Yes, Shari’ah law should be the governing law however what is upon the Muslims first and foremost is to call to the da’wah of Tawheed and Sunnah. At Tasfiyah Wa Tarbeeyah.

    Thirdly, from what was narrated to me by a brother named Salahudeen Abdul Haqq At Tirnidadi who was in the Islamic University with both him and Abu Muslimah they both used to mock Da’wah As Salafeeyah. And they used to laugh at Dawuud Adeeb and say: “Look there goes that Salafi.” Na’am na’am Ya Aba Qilamah you have been found out. When Dawuud spread Da’wah As Salafeeyah in the states both him and Abu Muslimah had to call to Salafeeyah in order to gain the people when in reality they were not upon it.

    Allahu Musta’aan.

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