Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on Religion and Science

I really really really really love Shaykh Hamza Yusuf! May Allah bless him, protect him, grant him jannah and give us more true scholars like him in this world! Ameen!

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  1. i use to like him in the past im not sure about him now , he engages in lot of suffi practice and also when G.W.Bush gave a speech about iraq and afghanistan Hamza yusuf stood up and applauded him for sendin da troops there. sorry but i cant forgive him for ever doing that muslim brothers and sisters are being killed out their by this maniac president and hamza yusuf appalauds him , what a sell out!!!!!!

  2. I can’t believe I am defending Hamza Yusuf, but one has to be just in one’s criticism. I only have two points to make:

    1)Every scholar/student of knowledge is a human, just like we are humans, and will make mistakes, and there is no question about that. There is no such thing as a perfect scholar. So, there is one thing to have a view based on the big picture of all of a scholar’s works, not just one or two speeches or interactions.

    2)I don’t remember Hamza applauding any wars, can you please provide evidence? Also, any American, whether he is a Muslim or not, was deeply affected by the events of 9/11, because they were so close to home. So, those events can have a lasting affect on your thoughts and your first reactions as well.

    Wallahuta’ala alam.

  3. Ibn Baz (the so called “scholar” for the Salafis/Wahabis) is on record for issuing a fatwa declaring it to be “unislamic” for the Palestinians to uprise against the Zionist state of Israel. You tell me, which one is worse?

  4. and where did you hear that, I dont think he would say soemthing like that because they want palestinians to get their land back. And since he is dead now, I think it is best you present with evidence and quote.

    And ibn baaz is a scholar whether you like it or not.
    I just hope you are wrong in shaa Allaah about this allegation and if you are not, offcourse I would not agree on this opinion of his.

    But just for the record, Palestinians(justified perhaps) have a grudge against Saudis in general because of their lack of helping them(don’t blame Palestinians but lets keep the political grudge separate from the ideology and methodology, thanks).

  5. An ignorant reply to an ignorant comment helps neither cause.

    In any case, Palestine, I’d like to see evidence of your statement please. Even if he said that, it is wrong, and he can make a mistake.

  6. I think that most of hamza yusefs speaches are very islamic and he has many good points and wheather or not he made a few mistakes i believe his intentions are good and yes we as humans are bound to make mistakes so i think we should be able to forgive anyone.

  7. “Before asking what is Sufism, we should ask what is Religion.”
    “Religion (al-dîn) is an orchard of which the fence is the Law (al-sharî`a), the inner grove is the Path (al-tarîqa), and the fruit is the Reality (al-haqîqa). Whoever has no Law has no Religion; whoever has no Path has no Law; and whoever has no Reality has no Path … ”
    What is Sufism? ( tasawwuf )
    Tasawwuf in relation to Dîn is like the soul in relation to the body.

  8. To Anybody & Amad, are you Arab? Can you read Arabic? Why is it that you are asking for “dalils” when this is public knowledge. I am assuming that most people who view this blog are Non-Arabs, and therefore can’t read the writings of people like Ibn-Baz anyway. For the Arabs who do follow him (including people in my family), in most cases, it’s because “other” Arabs they know follow him. Also, many Arabs have “Asabiya”, and will not take knowledge from Non Arab scholars that live in their area. If you read some of the stuff that Ibn Baz said, did, etc, you would not refer to him as the “shaykh” of the Salafis. Did you know that his books are banned in Kuwait?

  9. no Palestine,
    I am not an Arab in the conventional sense. It is true that Arab follow arab shayksh but I would not say the reason is asabiya or anything and even if it is then their intentions are with Allaah.

    This is not really pubic knowledge but probably propaganda, I have no clue why his books are banned in Kuwait but would be happy to know why.

    Please give me your email and let me know the stuff he wrote or said.
    Offcourse, I havent read all his stuff or even many of his stuff but whatever I read or heard was for the record in English and not in Arabic and seemed aiight to me.
    where do you get your stuff? the family members of yours that follow Ibn Baaz?

    please give me your email and we can discuss that there.
    I would like to know more.

  10. Assalaam-o-Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu
    me too he’s such a true scholar anyways i think what he said is true that is what is happening people need to learn to such promoting propaganda wasalaam

  11. Assalamu Alaikum Amir. Nice website.
    Nobody actually commented on the content of Shaikh’s speech. What he mentioned as weak points of science are not science at all. Science has the ability to test its theories and throw away what is false, harmful or weak. This gives science a dynamic feature which is lacking in religion. However I think it’s silly to compare Science and Religion.

  12. Hey I don’t think the allegations against Shaykh Hamza are founded. Sufism (tasawwuf) is actually mentioned in the famous hadith of jibreel which is the first hadith many of us learn as children. Sufism in the science of ihsan. It is an integral part of Islam whethere you like it or not.
    Ibn Baz has condemned the Palestinians, he did say what they do is haram. I thought everyone knew this. Saudi Arabia is a puppet to the USA I thought this was well known. Hamza Yusuf is American and we did get attacked. And he did condemn the innocent Muslim deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. He doesn’t condone them.
    Lay off Shaykh Hamza. The hatred for this man among some people is outrageous.

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