Where the real Muslim brothers at!?!

I saw this on HAhmed.com. He posted up an article by Saad Omar of the Ghazali Project. Sisters are going to love this one.

Here is the article:

Brothers – the weakest link

For too long, brothers have been considered the weakest link of the Muslim community. We hear often that the sisters are executing their duties as faithful ladies at far higher proportions than their male counterparts.

This is not a stereotype, but a fact. Ask a 23 years old sister trying to find a compatible spouse. I would estimate that good sisters outnumber good brothers at a ratio of 10:1 at the least. That means for every 10 sisters that are out there, 9 will have to settle for brothers who are not as committed to the struggle. Realize that this estimate is my most conservative estimate and when you consider that a significant portion of the brothers turn overseas to find their spouses, there are even fewer suitable future potentials for our sisters.

Lets put the topic of marriage aside for a moment. For too long have the men slept and refused to stand up. Look at our two famous Muslim American brothers, Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X and then consider our own lives. Muhammad Ali stood at the face of a nation and affirmed his beliefs and in doing so was stripped of his most prized championship belt and years of his in prison. Malcolm X stood for truth and justice and paid the dearest price, his life.

Once again, now consider our lives. We walk a cheap imitation of their lives as we attempt to follow the stereotypes of so-called alpha males imitating pimps such as Jay Z or 50 cent. If we have not fallen pray to that fake hip hop culture, we may imitate preppy idols such as Timberlake or Usher who must include one song in each album talking about cheating on their latest girlfriend just to remind us of their true character. They are not only the scum of the earth; they proudly display their pathetic nature.

We spend hours in the gym attempting to beef up our bodies as our minds and souls remain seriously neglected. Then we turn to the internet during late hours of the night for our secret lives of AIM flirtation and pornography.

We act as if we are slick. That no one knows what we are up to. We walk around Islamic conventions as we are the imitation of Prophet walking on earth but every moment that we find ourselves alone, we spit on the Prophet’s legacy.

We wear the cloak of Moses over the heart of Pharoah.

This is not a negative message but an honest one. It is time for the brothers to rise. I refuse to live my life under the stigma of being “one of the brothers,” a disgraced gender known for sloth, foul play, and ignorance.

The movement to reverse this downward swirling path that brothers find themselves in is called the Fatooha. It is a movement that will proceed under the mentorship and vision of Imam Zaid Shakir. I call you to it. It is a movement that existed during the Classical Islamic period and inculcated principles of Chivalry that later directly led to the concept of Chivalry in Medieval Europe.

The concepts found in the King Arthur series and similar literature, directly stem from the Fatooha Movement.

Brothers, it is time to rise. Where are the Abu Bakrs, Khalid bin Walid, Ali, and Bilals amongst us? Mediocrity has never been acceptable and definitely is not now.

Whether you choose to be part of the Fatooha Movement or not is secondary. My primary message is the follow, as brothers, we have done a grave injustice to the rest of the community, namely the sisters. But that is now in our past. It is time to stand up as men, not in a superficial media-defined sense, but in a profound way. And maybe, someday in the future, we will not only be worthy of our future wives but the princes that they will stand in awe of.

This is our mission

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  1. Masha’Allah!
    Insha’Allah loads of guys will join the ‘Fatooha Movement’ – and change their ways! They better, because in a few years I’ll be hubby-shopping… and I want to like what I see! 😛

  2. Salaam,

    I am a muslim brother struggling to gain nearness to Allah…which sister was looking for me? = )

  3. Mashaa Allah, well written.

    It’s so good to see brothers acknowledge this problem instead of writing it off as “whining” on our part. And alhamdulillah for Imam Zaid and scholars like him!

    May Allah make you all amoung the Men of Jannah =) Ameen.

  4. Let’s not forget that part of the motivation of brothers fronting the alpha-male, hip hop cool image is because there are plenty of sisters who can’t see masculinity in the sunnah

  5. From the author of the article

    Assalamu Alaikum

    May Allah bless all of you and the host of this blog for joining in on this discussion. I really believe that this subject has been gravely neglected.

    i welcome all of your thoughts and comments by email (as i am currently in istanbul).. ghazaliproject@gmail.com

    may Allah allow the men to stand a men

    -saad omar (istanbul, turkey)

  6. Not sure what you didn’t get from my post, anon.
    I was clarifying that it’s not just men who’re duped into the media hype of what’s masculine/sexy, but women as well.

  7. MashaAllah. Really good post. Good to here a guy writing about it. Definitely we all need to improve ourselves for the sake of our spouses and to be among the ones dear to Allah.

  8. Salaam Alaikum
    Mashallah it is an amazing article. I have forwarded it as an e-mail with your blog address as the source so as not to commit plagiarism.
    May Allah bless all those who strive in His cause ameen

  9. This is a nonsense article. The reason why brothers are importing wives is because the sisters in UK are not up to scratch. They are selfish, vindictive, not committed to the husband and treat the husband’s parents with scorn.



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