4 Replies to “Ummah Films – Fisibilillah Discount”

  1. Mash’Allah, awesome clip. One of the more important things he brought up is that money is a fitna. We should all be steadfast in making one penny in a halal manner rather than accepting one thousand haram dollars.

    P.S.- You can tell the akhi is an apt business man (notice the MuslimGear product placement, hahah :P)

  2. I’m not sure if I’ve seen overly priced low quality things… well, I have, but it’s not so common, not in my experience at least. and I think part of the reason why the price is higher is because their market is smaller, but Allah knows best.

    I definately am feeling him on the fisibilillah discount. For some reason, Muslims think they have some special status with one another like they can get free rides. I don’t like that at all.

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