RANDicalization of the Ummah

New report has been released from RAND called Building Moderate Muslim Networks. I saw it on Imam Suhaib Webb’s blog. Jinnzaman has written a great commentary about it. (Also posted on SufiStication).

“Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.”
(Surat al-Anfal Verse 30)


The RAND corporation, author of the infamous “Civil Democratic Islam” paper that essentially laid forth a “divide and conquer” strategy to subdue the Muslim world from resisting American hegemony, recently released a follow up report entitled “Building Moderate Muslim Networks” to effectuate the policy objectives that were previously discussed in their other papers. The report comes in the wake of a recent summit by “secular” Muslims in St. Petersburg, Florida where they issued a proclamation declaring support for secularism, “human rights”, along with condemnation of orthodoxy, the Shari’ah with particular focus on the hadd punishments against apostasy, zina, Islamic governance, not to mention practices that have no place in Islam such as female circumcision, honor killing, forced veiling, and forced marriage. Unsurprisingly, the doctrine such “secular” Muslims espouse and the method they utilize to propagate their ideas coincides exactly with the doctrine and methods espoused in the “Building Moderate Muslim Networks” paper. Some may describe the secular Muslim summit and the publication of the RAND report as a fortuitous coincidence, while others may describe them as merely the convergence of plans that were long in the making.

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Doritos and Cheetos are ….sniff….tear…. not halal!


aamina and I had called like two weeks ago and were totally blown 🙁
and then to confirm what we had already known, we recieved this email:
here’s the forward:

Dear Friends:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this weekend my little niece, Haniya, told me that her friends had called Frito-Lay and found out that Doritos have pork in them. Well, I was shocked and a little skeptical. However, when I called the company, they confirmed that their cheese products were not halal — they actually used the term “halal”, which I found impressive even though the disclosure was disconcerting. She said they use enzymes in making the cheese for their cheetos and doritos that come from pork. I asked when they started doing this, and she said the last 2 years they became aware of it. I wanted to start a petition requesting them to find alternatives, but she said it would be best for individuals to call, because each call is registered. So, if you are going to miss cheetos and doritos as much as I am, please call Frito-Lay at 1-800-352-4477, Monday – Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm. Also, pass on this info. to whomever you know.


Source: Haleema Faatima Yahya’s Facebook Note

Today is a sad day. A sad day indeed. Doritos and Cheetos are officially not halal.

More evidence:
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Americans are NOT stupid (with subtitles)

I love New York, but damn we got some really stupid people living here. This video was posted on my old school blog (3 years ago on blogger). I just watched it again and I laughed really hard. In such depressing times, we need to smile just for a minute. So smile! 🙂 (especially all the non-Americans that visit my site).

U.S. plans to invade Iran? On April 6!?

Shout out to Mohsin who provided the link for me.

Operation Bite: April 6 sneak attack by US forces against Iran planned, Russian military sources warn

WASHINGTON DC, — The long awaited US military attack on Iran is now on track for the first week of April, specifically for 4 am on April 6, the Good Friday opening of Easter weekend, writes the well-known Russian journalist Andrei Uglanov in the Moscow weekly “Argumenty Nedeli.” Uglanov cites Russian military experts close to the Russian General Staff for his account.

The attack is slated to last for 12 hours, according to Uglanov, from 4 am until 4 pm local time. Friday is the sabbath in Iran. In the course of the attack, code named Operation Bite, about 20 targets are marked for bombing; the list includes uranium enrichment facilities, research centers, and laboratories.

Full article here.

Endorse The Amman Message – 1 million people wanted

Sidi Salman emailed me this message from Shaykh Faraz Rabbani to spread this message to the entire Ummah:

Invitation to endorse the Amman Message online

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Dear Friend,

As-Salamu alaykum. We hope this message finds you well. In November 2004, King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan launched the Amman Message, a declaration aimed at clarifying the true nature of Islam and the nature of true Islam to the world. It is a message of devotion to God, love of the neighbor, goodwill, moderation and peace. Since then, the Amman Message has come to be epitomized in three major juridical and doctrinal points, each crucial to addressing the problems the Islamic world faces today.

  • 1. The great traditional schools of jurisprudence, theology, and spirituality are valid from the point of view of Islam, and the followers of these schools, which include both Sunni and Shi‘i denominations, are all Muslims. Islam has fundamental tenets but is also diverse.
  • 2. It is impermissible to declare any Muslim so defined as an unbeliever/apostate (a practice called takfir).
  • 3. Only those with the proper moral and intellectual qualifications, and the proper methodology, may issue fatwas (religious edicts).

Since they were first introduced, these three points have been recognized and ratified universally, through fatwas and official statements, in meetings of the highest and most recognized authorities and scholars in Islamic law, from all denominations and schools of thought all over the world. This is a unique historical event. The statements and signatures from these religious leaders can be see on www.ammanmessage.com.

These three points are vital for the future of the Islamic world. We suffer from disunity and discord, and must reaffirm our unity as an Islamic ummah. We suffer from wounds and ignorant prejudice which would take us into conflict with many of those who would live at peace with us. We must denounce the practice of takfir (accusing Muslims of apostasy for interpretations and opinions different from ours), which too often opens the door to terrible crimes against our own brothers and sisters. Moreover, all such atrocities committed in the name of Islam are traceable to the fatwa of men totally unqualified, morally and intellectually, to issue one. It is thus imperative that the ummah speak with one voice in reaffirming true Islam.

We invite you to add your voice to this unique and historic international Islamic consensus. Please visit www.ammanmessage.com, where you can read more about the Amman Message and find many useful documents and links. Under ENDORSE you can add your name to the list of Muslims worldwide who have endorsed and supported the three points. Your endorsement is important for all our futures.

Yours Sincerely,
The Amman Message Committee,

Taken from here.

Some major scholars that have endorsed this message are Mufti Taqi `Uthmani, Shaykh Nuh Ha Meem Keller, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Shaykh `Abd al Hakim Murad, Shaykh Faraz, Shaykh Habib `Ali, Shaykh Habib `Umar and others. To see the full list of scholars, politicians, professionals and other famous Muslims in the Muslim world who have endorsed this message click here.

Wearing Jeans, Ties, Dress pants, T-Shirts, and other non-traditional Muslim clothing

Amazing research and article done by Sidi Salman. Check it out!

salamu `alaykum
Have you ever seen a brother walking around with a t-shirt on? Someone wearing a tie? Dress pants? A sister wearing jeans, modestly covered by a lengthy upper-garment? If you have, then you have also probably seen someone mentioning the impermissiblity of doing so due to it being an imitation of the non-Muslims, something the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) emphatically forbade.

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Israeli Lobby in America losing it’s influence? – Jewish source

I saw this on MuslimMatters.org. You must read Amad’s commentary on the article too. It’s hilarious.

Here is Amad’s intro to the news article:

The article below appeared in the Jewish Chronicle. Let me repeat that, the article below appeared in the JEWISH Chronicle. I think that would imply that it is somewhat Jewish. As in it has a Jewish-emphasis. Well, it says it right here so it must be true. So, I am guessing they wouldn’t/couldn’t be really anti-Semite, huh Rhymes? 😉 I better be careful in my use of the word ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewish’ too much otherwise some of my friends from yonder may accuse me of antisemitism since my usage frequency of the ‘Jew’ word may exceed my allowable limit under blog laws (I think it is number of times the word Jew is used divided by number of lines or something).

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U.S. Soldiers in Iraq kill innocent civilians and laugh!

Warning: Will make you cry. Contains foul language.

Reason for putting this up: To let the entire world know that there are terrorists in the United States Army. They will shoot and kill anything that moves in the video. This is only a short recording, imagine what is not recorded!

May Allah (swt) punish all the oppressors, all the terrorists, no matter what religion they are. May Allah (swt) protect the innocent, no matter what religion they are. Ameen!

What can we do living so far away?

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A Few Hadith on Dhikr

I found this on Yursil’s blog and I had to post this.

Sahih Bukhari
Volume 1, Book 12, Number 802:
Narrated Abu Ma’bad:

(the freed slave of Ibn ‘Abbas) Ibn ‘Abbas told me, “In the lifetime of the Prophet it was the custom to celebrate Allah (SWT)’s praises aloud after the compulsory congregational prayers.” Ibn ‘Abbas further said, “When I heard the Dhikr, I would learn that the compulsory congregational prayer had ended.”

Sahih Muslim
Book 4, Hadith Number 1211:

Ibn ‘Abbas reported: Dhikr (mentioning the name of Allah (SWT)) in a loud voice after obligatory prayers was (a common practice) during the lifetime of the Apostle of Allah (SWT) (may peace be upon him) ; and when I heard that I came to knew that they (the people) had finished the prayer.

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