Isam from Outlandish is Married! Sorry sisters!

Isam from OutlandishYup, it’s all over the Muslim world. Many young Muslim sisters will be heartbroken. Many will shed a tear. Many won’t care. Isam from Outlandish is married! [Source The many comments left on the official MySpace profile of Outlandish

Mabrook bro. Isam! Congratulations! May Allah (swt) bless you and your wifey! Ameen!

Sisters, there are plenty of famous good looking single brothers available for marriage (, Maniac Muslim, Contemplating Chishti, Mo Sin[less] and more!). Please send me your applications, inshaAllah. (haha, jk!)

Here is another source from

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  1. well.. im not gonna cry ya’ll a river untill i hear it from the horses mouth!
    LOL.. but yeh MR.. my application is sooo coming ur way, i like hahmed.. *wink wink* *blows kiss*.. haha
    hope ur all well x

  2. LOL…
    yeh, “brooklyns finest”.. let us b da judge of dat! junaid: i wudnt say hottie, but whatever floats ur boat bro
    lol @ hamzah,
    this scheme, u in wit MR.. be afraid, i think i see ur profile in otha ‘weird’ sites, loookin for russian housewives..
    *rolls eyes* LOL
    hope ur all gangsta! x

  3. Awwww, all the good pieces are always taken.. tsk tsk tsk. Insha-Allah Khayr though, let’s check out the “leftovers” now. khi khi khi

  4. ^ Brother, which category do you belong to — “taken” or “left-over”? Btw, that wasn’t an intentional hit (khi khi khi).

  5. Lol@ maria, sis.. I lykk ur styleee!! I thnk ‘leftover’ fits da bill- hence the OUCH! Im feelin da pain tru da screen.. Truth hurtz! Lol.. *sticks out tongue* oh yeh, cuz i’v been quite sceptical bout this isam weding2 his mystery G, i juss got an email 4rm a sis claimin2 b da G’s cuzin.. Tellin me2 keep my mouth shut, and2 stop spreadin h8 ! Ooh if tht sis is readin this msg now, i hav a msg *sticks out finga*.. LoL, ah well… MR is availabl rite?? *sighs* (of relief)

  6. ::hanah:: on March 13, 2007 at 3:59 pm said:

    Lol@ maria, sis.. I lykk ur styleee!! I thnk ‘leftover’ fits da bill- hence the OUCH! Im feelin da pain tru da screen.. Truth hurtz! Lol.. *sticks out tongue* oh yeh, cuz i’v been quite sceptical bout this isam weding2 his mystery G, i juss got an email 4rm a sis claimin2 b da G’s cuzin.. Tellin me2 keep my mouth shut, and2 stop spreadin h8 ! Ooh if tht sis is readin this msg now, i hav a msg *sticks out finga*.. LoL, ah well… MR is availabl rite?? *sighs* (of relief)

    Nah MR is taken. he got engaged recently

  7. Lol.. gee thx ‘a Sister’, thts da Sweetest thing sum1s eva said2 me, im so touchd! May god reward u4 making my day and not let u fall down the stairs, and may he gve u a sens of humour, cuz tht kynda helps in life! Ameeen keep it halaal x

  8. okay seriously wtf is wrong with u guys

    this is soooo unislmaic, first of all u dont joke with certain things in religion, and consequently, marriage is one of them

    I advise you not to joke about these issues

    and those people mentioning about “hotness” and whatsoever, go on GABBLY PUBLIC cht and look for those stuff, not at muslim forums, its disrespectful.

    May allah forgive us all

  9. well anyway in islam u can marry up to 4 wives and isams still got 3 vacancies!
    carry on hoping sisters, hes one in a billion!!!!!!

  10. I don’t like him, I mean few of the songs are ok, but he is not the kind of person I like.
    I like more serious people you can rely on and the looks are secondary. I hope I am ok? (Wondering)

  11. Sure he’s one in a billion, but now he’s married… But I really hope 2 find my own isam, the type of guy that’s really religious, nice, intelligent, respectful of women, …
    Do they exist anymore? lol

  12. Ok, then lucky u :p
    I dont know a lot, at least her in france there r not a lot…
    But it dont mind cuz i intend 2 go 2 usa

  13. isam is very good looking his wife is lucky not only cause he is good looking but cause he is a good man

  14. oh ladies…plz.
    There are better lookin men out there, I’m serious, I’ve seen a few….
    come now, come now….
    **wipes eyes**
    I was wondering wen he was gona get married. InshaAllah ur wife is one of the Mu3mineen and is your other half in heart, soul and mind. May Your Love hold strong and May Allah protect your marriage from evil eyes and stuff…**hint hint ladies**
    Besides, a normal guy out of the spotlight is better…u want to be under scrutiny all the time??
    The girl will hav trouble from fans like…*sigh* evil fanatics of Isam, poor girl. gd luck Mrs Bachiri!

  15. Salam bro’s n sis’

    `Astaghfir allah`
    Wat r yall playin @…….Dis life’s a test n u lot r droolin ova a muslim bruva!!!!

    U lot should b ashamed… think bout da akhira in all u’r actions n inshallah may Allah(swt) move all u’r distractions n guide u in da straight path!!!

    Anywayz congrats Bruv- Alhumdulillah
    May u n u’r weife live a happy life- Inshallah
    gd luck

    A muslim sista!!

  16. aww mashaAllah

    none of us will truly believe until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself

    im so happy that for that muslim sister

    and May we all get guys just as good looking and with good character inshaAllah

    it would be great if we has a scholar too heehee

  17. u lot are unbeliveable you are envious of your bro’s marrige wat would his wife think of
    you and wat if he has kids wat will they think of you its ok to say some1 is fit but some of
    u r just extreme. i love outlandish songs especially
    callin u
    look into my eyes
    i only ask of god
    eyes never dry
    and more Allah bless outlandish inshallah as it was thier songs that motivated me to pray
    (callin u and look into my eyes

  18. has any body seen her
    is she pretty
    does she pray 5x
    does she wear scarf
    is she religous

  19. Mabrook! Moobarak! how wonderful mashAllah. I don’t know which one he is but I laughed for a solid minute– them “ads” were priceless.

  20. OMG
    inshallah u guys be happy together!

  21. all the good looking muslim bro’s are gone-first sami yusuf then isam yoooo πŸ™‚ wat is this? sister’s dont worry im sure there are stil good looking religious bros out there haha πŸ˜€

  22. you crazy sisters have such low standards for looks….among other things in guys.
    Alhamdulillaah another singer is married. You girls sound so pathetic when you are wishing to marry a singer, half good looking(or not even) and then claiming to know about his akhlaaq and his religiousness BY THE SONGS HE SINGS?
    My God, what is this world come to……

    please tell me you guys are a bunch of 12 errrr 17? yr olds…..

  23. Outlandish sucks…They are just a rock band for Hojabis to scream at. There is nothing “Islamic” about you fobs or the little bitches that go crazy over you.

    While I am on the subject let me address your fanbase too. If I can see your ass or breasts shape because your clothes are so tight — as to be form fitting than who cares if your hair is covered.

    Yall are just another sign of the times.

    Searching for True Believers, not Posers like Outlandish and their fanbase.

  24. To all misguided Muslims and Muslimahs who have commented on this post:

    I begin with the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

    Most Muslims and Muslimahs know that the Westerners and Europeans practice many things which our Faith, Islam, does not permit, and so we should avoid them. One of these things is dating.

    I have read all comments on this post. Our Faith does not permit this, and we should be more mature about it. We should not complain when a Muslim brother gets married, then give Nazr to his wife, then think about how good-looking and “hot” he was. Islam does not permit this. these are the jahil ways of Westerners, and we should enlighten them by guiding them to the straight path. Instead we are mixing in with their barbaric ways!

    What will you say, if on the Day of Resurrection, Allah asks you “How did you work to bring Faith to the people you were living amongst? Did you not give them my Message? Did I not make it clear that it is every Muslim’s duty to spread my Message to others?”

    Will you say: “No, instead we mixed in their ways, and went astray!”

    Or will you repent right here and right now, and be among the righteous in Paradise?

    Quran, 60:1-3

    1. O you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies (i.e. disbelievers and polytheists, etc.) as friends, showing affection towards them, while they have disbelieved in what has come to you of the truth… If you have come forth to strive in My Cause and to seek My Good Pleasure, (then take not these disbelievers and polytheists, etc., as your friends). You show friendship to them in secret, while I am All-Aware of what you conceal and what you reveal. And whosoever of you (Muslims) does that, then indeed he has gone (far) astray, (away) from the Straight Path .

    2. Should they gain the upper hand over you, they would behave to you as enemies, and stretch forth their hands and their tongues against you with evil, and they desire that you should disbelieve.

    3. Neither your relatives nor your children (nor anyone else) will benefit you on the Day of Resurrection. He will judge between you. And Allah is the All-Seer of what you do.

    There is a strong and clear message in these Ayahs. Isam from Outlandish, whoever he is, will not benefit you on the Day of Resurrection. He will also not benefit you today, if he continues this way of life that he is accustomed to.

    I do not call upon you for my own worldly benefits.

    Mujahideen Ryder, I sincerely ask you to delete this post. I will comment many times so that it may appear in the MRecent talk and the Recent Comments, so that you may notice it.

    I pray to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala that you may be guided. Ameen.

    Yousuf, a brother in Islam

  25. @Yousuf – I have deleted the silly and crazy comments. I left it up in order to show Muslims that we have a long way to go before we can reach our status as we were in the past. We need to realize our purpose in this world and that we should not be concerned with this dunya. We are just travelers.

    I have taken off the ability to comment to this post.

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